Much like how blackjack stemmed from a popular card game, variations have sprung up that follow the basic rules with a few twists. Some have even turned into their own casino games.

21 Burn Blackjack gives the player an opportunity to burn a card and replace it in the hopes of hitting an ace. Read more about 21 Burn Blackjack.

6 – 5  Blackjack found in live casino in Las Vegas, be wary of the information that is listed on the blackjack tables. Read more about 6-5 Blackjack.

21st Century Blackjack is a game found only at California casinos. The purpose of the game is to allow players to compete with one another instead of against the house. Read more about 21st Century Blackjack.

Big 5 Blackjack is unique because it really isn’t a variation at all. It gets its name from the number of decks that are used to play the game. Read more about Big 5 Blackjack.

Blackjack Early Payout Smart blackjack players are always looking for an edge. They want to reduce the house advantage, and Blackjack Early Payout is a blackjack variation that makes this possible. Read more about Blackjack Early Payout.

Blackjack Switch is fairly new and patented by Geoff Hal in 2009. It is a very popular game and found at many casinos both online/offline. It was created to meet demands of players who favor video poker style games. The % house edge in Blackjack Switch is considerably higher than it is in traditional blackjack. Read more about Blackjack Switch.

Bonus Blackjack is perhaps one of the best blackjack variations available because the card game is exactly the same as regular blackjack and depends upon the same basic strategy that is profitable in the standard game. Also at an advantage to the counter is that the game is played with only two decks of cards. Read more about Bonus Blackjack.

California Blackjack : Some blackjack variations are geographical in nature. California blackjack would fall into that category. Read more about California blackjack!

There’s also Chinese blackjack which, as its name suggests, is primarily played in Asia. Chinese blackjack has the same basic rules as its American cousin, but only two decks are used and dealers may switch as needed. The value of an ace is dependent on how many cards the player chooses to accept, and there’s a five card trick similar to Pontoon. Chinese blackjack arose because playing by casino rules among friends and families proved to be too difficult. Read more about Chinese blackjack!

Double Exposure Blackjack is a game that gets its name from the fact that both of the dealer’s cards are visible to all of the players at the table. This creates an advantage for the player, but the casino also enforces other rules in Double Exposure blackjack which are designed to level the playing field. Read more about Double Exposure Blackjack.

Double Blackjack is more commonly known as Double Attack Blackjack & is a fairly new variant found at casinos. It can be found offline at Atlantic city and las vegas casinos since 2010. The rules of the game are based of Spanish 21 with some interesting twists such as sidebets.. Read more about Double Blackjack.

Elimination blackjack is seen at many Vegas casinos. Instead of playing against the dealer, gamblers seek to knock each other out and become the last person at the table. It can be thought of as a hybrid between blackjack and Texas hold ’em poker. Elimination blackjack is a favorite of professional gamblers looking to prove their skill against other players. Read more about Elimination Blackjack.

European blackjack is designed to work against professional card counters. The dealer is not allowed to peak at their hidden card and no splitting on 4’s,. 5’s, or tens… Read more about European Blackjack.

European blackjack Redeal has an interesting twist that allows the player to replace, or redeal, one of their starting cards. On the surface this looks like a good deal, but is it? Read more about European Blackjack Redeal.

Free Bet Blackjack was invented by a guy named Geoff Hall. Hall is no stranger to creating interesting variations of blackjack; he also invented Blackjack Switch.  Read more about Free Bet Blackjack.

Hi-Lo 13 Blackjack is one of the more popular European variations of online blackjack to appear in recent years.  Read more about Hi-lo 13 Blackjack.

High Streak Blackjack is mainly found at online casinos (as of Nov 2012) and is not yet offered at many casinos offline such as in the city of Las Vegas. It is fairly popular online so it would make sense that it will soon be more commonly available offline too. This game rewards winning hands and card counters will love it since they would sense when the deck is favorable… Read more about High Streak.

In-BETween Blackjack introduces a special table felt that typically has the word IN written on it. In some cases, the word is spelled InBETween, stressing the word BET. . Read more about in-between Blackjack.

Matchplay 21 Blackjack is yet another variety to play at the casinos. It was mainly only found in online casinos but can now be found at brick-and-mortar casino. players worldwide have shown great interest in this game. The game adds the element of bonus payouts and jackpots. Read more about Matchplay 21.

MULTI-HAND Blackjack is a variation of blackjack that is only found at internet casinos. The game has been offered for a long time and is one of the most common games of blackjack found at web casinos. You can play the card game any time of the day or night! . Read more about multihand blackjack.

No-Bust Blackjack is a variation of blackjack that is mostly found throughout California in card rooms and casinos where the game is legal. For some reason this variation of blackjack has never really caught on outside of California card rooms.! . Read more about No Bust blackjack.

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is mainly found in casinos located in UK (london), Macau casinos and in Australia. The house edge is high and it would be best for blackjack players to simply avoid this game even though the jackpot they offer may seem attractive. You could give it a go but other variants of the BJ game would be a better choice …. Read more about Perfect Pairs blackjack.

Pitch Blackjack is found in pretty much any brick-and-mortar casino. If you are playing at an online casino the game is referred to as a single or double-deck blackjack. Although rules are very similar to the regular game, this version requires a different approach…. Read more about Pitch blackjack.

Pontoon is an English derivative of blackjack that differs primarily in its betting mechanics. Players cannot stand on cards equaling less than 14, but they can bet after buying, or doubling down. There is also the five card trick, where a player who is dealt five cards and still remains under 21 beats any hand of the dealer’s, and a new set of terminology with a more British flavor to it. The odds of beating pontoon are lower than those of blackjack, but the payout is also typically higher. Pontoon is not as established as blackjack, and the rules tend to vary by gambling house. Read more aboutpontoon.

Power Blackjack In Power Blackjack when a player is dealt a doubling hand , power double come into play. A player that receives a 9, 10, or 11 on their first two cards may choose to Power Double. It allows the player a chance to replace a dealt card if they do not like the total. Read more about Power Blackjack.

Spanish 21. This game heavily favors the house due to the removal of all 10 cards. The face cards are still there and equal to 10, but the the numerical cards are gone. There are, of course, a few additional incentives so that players don’t cry outrage, but there’s no denying the odds are stacked against the player. Because of this, Spanish 21 is usually played with some tweaks to level the playing field. Read more about Spanish 21.

Strip Blackjack  is when players lose a piece of clothing every time the dealer wins the hand? Nope, it means something altogether different when you play at an offshore online casino. Read more about Strip blackjack.

SUPER FUN 21 is a fun twist to the regular game. It is perhaps the craziest ones to be found and has many winning posibilities. The game was created in 1999 by Howard Grossman and has been a great sucess ever since. Mainly found at vegas casinos but could be found at some online casinos. Read more about Superfun 21 blackjack.

Tripple 7 Blackjack is also one of those popular blackjack variant that is mainly offered at online casinos (microgaming casinos). The key to winning is knowing when to make the side bets that will qualify you for a huge payout. Read more about Trippe Sevens blackjack.

Zappit Blackjack The game introduces a variation that allows the player an opportunity to “zap” their existing hand when they hold certain cards. The player’s hope is that getting two new cards to begin will improve the chance of winning. Read more about Zappit Blackjack.

21 + 3 Blackjack Combining two popular table games — blackjack and three-card poker — 21+3 retains the strategic aspect of blackjack with the gambling element of a three-card poker style side bet that can pay off in a big way for players. Read more about 21+3 Blackjack.

Those were some of what i believe to be the popular. Something that may also interest you is that casinos also have a machine at which the dealer is electronic and several players can play in one go. You can read more and see a picture of the machine at the following link that explains the electronic blackjack game. Also if you decide to play blackjack online be sure to check out this page about blackjack bonuses.

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