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✔️ USA Players Welcome

Mobile Casinos have grown tremendously in the past few years. If you had asked anyone 5 years ago, what they anticipated 5 years ahead in regards to iPhone casinos and android casinos they would not have guessed anything close to the point we are at now in 2015.  CountingEdge.com receives MORE mobile traffic than desktop/laptops traffic! That I find really amazing, and the main reason that the website was relaunched as mobile friendly in mid 2015, should have done that earlier.

The number of mobile casinos for real money play are constantly growing and exploded during the last couple of years. It makes perfect sense for an online casino to launch both an android version & iphone version of their software so people can enjoy the casino games on the go. Also app developers have been releasing apps such as blackjack apps to help you learn the game without wagering real money.

Some Mobile Casino Reviews: Works with  iPhone or Android

Mobile casinos for money used to be very basic. This means that there were a very small number of games available, they were compatible with a small number of phones and the graphics were just like from an old computer game from the’90s. But at the same time they offered the possibility to play the games straight from your mobile phone and for real money.

As the cell phones evolved the mobile casinos also managed to evolve along with the technology. Now you can experience some of the bets mobile casino games straight from your mobile phones. The latest mobile casino apps that are available can offer you some graphics and the game play which is very similar to the ones that you can experience at an online casino. The only difference is that the screen is going to be smaller. But if you take into consideration the fact that you can play the games and use the touch screen capabilities you will definitely going to have a great online gambling experience.

The Android operating system and the iPhone now own more than 70% of the worldwide market share. Because of this online casinos, primarily developed their mobile casino software to function on the iPhone and android powered devices. (tablets and smartphones).

The future of mobile casino gambling is very bright since it’s expected to grow at a fast rate during the future years, here at counting edge we get more traffic from users using tablets and smartphones than computers. A research is showing that the mobile gambling industry will reach $48 billion by the year 2015. Can you believe that!!

Best Mobile Casino Games to Play for Real Money

In case you are looking for the best mobile casino games to play for money you are in the right place. I will offer you a good overview of what is the best casino game that are available.

Playing games from your smartphone or tablet is definitely going to be a great and exciting thing. There are tons of cool features that the modern mobile casinos have and you get to experience them all. This means that you can even use the touch screen capabilities while playing the games. You will find up to 30 different games at the mobile casinos, while the average casino will have around 20or so  Vegas style casino games.

Blackjack at Mobile Casinos

Blackjack is considered to be the most popular card game after poker. This game can be found at any land based casino and online casino. The mobile casinos make no exception and they feature this game on any site out there that can be reached with your mobile phone.

What manages to captivate people regarding the game of mobile blackjack is the fact that this game is based on both luck and skill. The rules of blackjack are very simple and it takes just a couple of minutes to understand them, but sometimes it might take you a couple of years to be able to master the game.

Playing the game on your smartphone is a fun and exciting experience. Since you will be playing this game from an your phone or tablet you get to find all the features like the touch screen capabilities and cool 3D graphics. This way your mobile blackjack experience is most definitely going to be something great.

Slots Games at Mobile Casinos

The most popular and the best casino games are the slots. The moment you sign up for any mobile casino out there, you will notice the fact that the largest number of games available are slots. The reason why the slots games are so popular is because they offer the players the opportunity to win some incredibly high amounts of money with a very small investment. Playing slots games on your phone or tablet is easy and you can turn your mobile phone into a slot machine in a matter of a few minute.

Guide to Choosing the Best Mobile Casinos

Towards the top of the page you can find a short list with some of the best & most popular online casinos that are compatible with Apple iOS and Android operating systems so you can play on your smartphone or tablet a variety of online casino games such as blackjack and slots.

Things to consider when searching for the best mobile casino:

Mobile Casino Bonuses – The welcome bonuses are definitely an important factor that will help you take the wisest decision to choose the mobile casino that has the best offer. One of the first things that you will look at is the volume of the bonus that you will receive. But another thing that is very important and that you have to make sure to take into consideration is the wagering requirements imposed to this bonus. Compare those and you will have a very good selection of mobile casinos in front of you. But you have to make sure to take other things into account when signing up.

Casino Reputation – The reputation is definitely very important since a good and reputable online mobile casino is definitely going to help you have a good time playing the games and at the same time it will also offer you the chance to have fair chances while playing.

Casino Compatibility – There are currently many online casinos that have developed software which is compatible with Android. This is the reason why there are plenty of offers on the market. But you have to make sure that the online casino software really works from your computer before you actually sign up.

Mobile Casino Games Variety – The game variety is also very important. Usually the best mobile casinos will offer you a good set of online casino games which is situated between 10 and 15 games.

Tips for choosing the best mobile casino:

Test casino first: Before deciding to sign up and making a mobile casino deposit, you must make sure that the software works on your phone. Even if you have an Android phone or iPhone and it should work, it’s always best that you try it out first, by downloading & installing the free casino app. And only after you see that it works, move on and sign up for a real money account and make a deposit.

Check if Game is offered: Only choose mobile casinos that are able to offer you the games that you like. Here at Counting Edge we mainly care that they offer blackjack! There is a good variety of games available at the mobile casinos, but some of the online casinos are only able to offer you a relatively small number of games, which is most of the time situated around 10. This is the reason why you should make sure that they have the exact same games that you used to enjoy playing at a real casino or at your favorite online casino.

Is instant play offered? Apart from the option to download the casino app and install on your smartphone (or tablet) it is also common to find casinos that are mobile friendly to the extent that you can play instant casino games from your phone just by logging in to their site as you would from a computer.

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