Casino bonuses are one of the best things about gambling online for real money. Many online casinos offer welcome bonuses. Others offer a reload bonus every time that you add money to your online casino account. A reload bonus is a good way to increase your bankroll over time while playing all of your favorite games with the online casino’s money.

What is an Online Casino Reload Bonus?

An online casino reload bonus is an additional sum of free money the casinos adds to your account when you make a new real money deposit. It is called a reload bonus because it only applies to money that you add after your first deposit.

Here’s how it works. You join an online casino and deposit $50. After a couple of days you have lost some money and need to reload your account. You add another $100 and the casino reload bonus is applied. You can then use the bonus money first to play slots, online blackjack, online craps, or other games for real money.

An online casino reload bonus is the casino’s way of telling it appreciates your play. It is sort of like a VIP program in a live casino or a rewards card. The more you deposit, the more you can claim in online reload bonus money.

Wouldn’t the online casino lose money this way? Not really. By offering a reload bonus the casino is encouraging players to keep money in their account and to also keep playing.

How Much Can I Get from an Online Casino Reload Bonus?

The amount of a reload bonus can vary from online casino to casino. We’ve seen bonuses as small as $25 and as large as $100 or more. Your online casino should spell out in its terms and conditions the amount of the bonus. It may also be on a sliding scale that is based on how much you deposit.

The great thing about reload bonuses is that they can be claimed again and again by the player. Most casinos that offer these bonuses do not put a limit on how many times you can collect them. Just keep adding money to your account and keep reaping that free cash.

Withdrawing an Online Casino Reload Bonus

The goal of a reload bonus is to get you to play and deposit more money to the casino. It would make no sense to the casino if you immediately withdrew the bonus money. That’s why most casinos put what is known as a play-through requirement on all bonus money.

A play-through requirement states that you must wager the amount of the bonus money a certain number of times before it can be withdrawn. This requirement can vary from casino to casino. It obviously makes sense to play at the online casinos with the lowest play-through.

We have seen online casinos make players wager the bonus money 50 times before it can be withdrawn. That probably sounds like a lot, but it actually goes pretty fast when you are playing the games that you really love.

Some casinos only allow play-through wagering to be completed on slot machines. You should check with your casino to see which games count toward the requirement.

Online Casino Reload Bonus FAQ

Can reload bonuses be combined with other bonuses?

Yes. Many casinos will allow you to combine the bonuses that you receive. This is an excellent way to maximize your bonus.

Are there specific requirements for me to get the reload bonus?

This varies according to the casino. Some online casinos want you to deposit a minimum amount of money before they will give you a reload bonus.

Is a reload bonus a recurring bonus?

At many online casinos you can claim the recurring bonus over and over again as long as you satisfy the requirements.

Can I use a reload bonus on any games in the online casino?

In some casinos, yes. In other casinos the reload bonus could only be used for blackjack, slots, or other games. Sometimes the casino offers a reload bonus because they want you to play a specific online casino game.

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