✔️ USA Players Welcome
✔️ USA Players Welcome

We are often asked about the best California online casinos by our readers. This is a guide that will help you understand the situation regarding online gambling in California. You can learn more about where to play your favorite casino games for real money as well online gambling games that are popular among California residents.

The Legality of Gambling in California

California is considered to be a liberal state in many respects. One area that the state has been hesitant to embrace is legalized gambling. There are a few exceptions to this rule. One of these are card rooms where players can enjoy poker and even a special version of California blackjack.

But when it comes to regular casinos, these are not generally permitted under California law. Again, there are a few minor exceptions such as casinos on tribal land. For the maximum action the solution for California players is an online casino.

Parimutuel wagering is legal in California. There are many horse racing tracks where individuals can bet on live horse racing. Online horse betting is also permitted.

Finding an online casino in California can also pose a problem. Online gambling is not yet legal in the state, but there are some offshore casino options for California players. Many online casinos that are based overseas are welcoming to California gamblers who want to play online casino games for real money.

(1) Casinos in Southern California

In Southern California there are a few options for live casino gambling. These operations fall under the tribal lands exclusion in which live casinos are allowed. Some Native American tribes have partnered with gaming companies to provide world class casino resorts.

Live casinos in Southern California include:

The gaming offered in these locations is of the typical fare. It includes slot machines as well as table games like blackjack, craps, and baccarat. Poker is also a staple in Southern California.

(2) Casinos in Northern California

Northern California has a few more options when it comes to live casino gaming. The games are much the same as you would expect to find in Southern California.

The popular venues in Northern California include:

(3) Indian Casinos in California

Tribal, or Indian, casinos account for the majority of live casino gambling in California. There are currently 69 Indian casinos in the state and 72 poker card rooms. More licenses are expected to be issued in 2021.

The reason for this is that the laws in California permit Native American tribes to have a casino on tribal lands. These casinos range from the expansive and modern to small single rooms with a few slot machines. Players from all over the state flock to these casinos to enjoy the thrill of live gambling.

With Las Vegas so close by, some might think that live casino gambling in California would be a difficult endeavor for the Native American operators. Actually, they do very well. Many of them have partnered with the biggest names in gaming to offer a world-class experience.

Why California Players Like Online Casinos

With numerous options for live casino gambling in California, why would some player still prefer to play blackjack or craps at a California online casino? There are many advantages.

Convenience is a major factor when it comes to choosing an online casino. There is nothing like being able to sit at home and play the online gambling games with a computer or tablet. Many online casinos offer apps that you can download for Android and iOS phones. You can have a complete casino in the palm of your hand.

Online California casinos do not require you to drive for hours just to find a place to play. You do not have to spend the money for a hotel room, meals, and other expenses.

Another reason that California players often choose online casinos is that bonuses are offered to new players. When your create your account with the online casino you may be given a sum of free money just for signing up. You may also be given a larger sum of money when you make your first real money deposit. Many online casinos will match a player’s very first deposit dollar-for-dollar up to a certain amount.

Offshore Online California Casinos

We mentioned at the start of this article that online casinos are not legal in California. What this technically means is that there are no online casinos which are licensed and based in California. There is another option. This is the offshore California casino.

When we refer to an offshore California casino we are actually describing any casino based offshore that accepts players from the United States. There are many such online casinos. We have reviewed and recommended several.

Why is it that these online casinos are able to accept players from the US and California? The reason is simple. They are operating under the laws and regulations of another country. Now, don’t get us wrong. Online gambling may still be prohibited if you live in California, even if you use an offshore casino. We are not legal specialists and make no claims about the laws in your jurisdiction.

Gambling Online With Bitcoin in California

Something else that you might want to consider if you live in California is an online offshore casino that allows gambling with Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a type of digital money known as cryptocurrency. It has become very popular in recent years.

Many online casino players like to use Bitcoin because it can provide more security. It may even be able to give you some anonymity. When you use Bitcoin you are not required to enter in credit card or banking details. Some players are just more comfortable knowing that they have not allowed an online casino access to this personal data.

We hope this information is something you will find useful in your search for the perfect California online casino. Be sure to check out our list of online casinos. We only recommend casinos that are legit and ones which offer large new player bonuses.

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