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Blackjack is understood by most people as a casino game. This means that it involves one player against the house, even when there are multiple players at the table. Playing blackjack online usually means playing head-to-head against the virtual dealer. In contrast, poker is a game where players compete with one another. We are often asked about how to play online blackjack with friends. Is there a way to share the game you love with others in your circle?

There is actually technology today that could open the door to playing blackjack online with friends. More online casinos are offering live dealer blackjack games. Here’s a closer look at the ways in which you and a few friends might join together to play blackjack.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack with Friends

The best way to play the game of blackjack online with friends could be the live dealer blackjack games that are offered now by some online casinos. The live dealer game is the closest thing to live blackjack that can be found online today.

In this version of the game the cards are dealt by an actual dealer in a studio. The video stream from the studio is seen by the players in real time. Players can interact with one another and with the dealer as they watch the live stream. This adds a social element to the game of blackjack that many players enjoy.

In a live dealer blackjack game the players are still competing against the house. They are not playing against one another. This type of blackjack with friends is more of a social activity than a gambling one. The players who play the game this way aren’t usually centered on the idea of winning a lot of money. What they enjoy is just being able to do an activity together.

So, how do friends play live dealer blackjack with one another online? They start with creating an account at an online casino that has live dealer games. We have recommended many such casinos. The next step is for the friends to make deposits into their wagering accounts. They will agree on a time to “meet’ for the game and then use the lobby to select the live blackjack game.

There can be a problem with this method of playing blackjack. Players are not guaranteed to get a seat in the same live dealer game. Many casinos have made it possible for many players to be observing the same game feed, but they may not all be seated at the same virtual table where they can interact with one another.

Free Social Media Blackjack Online with Friends

Another popular way to play blackjack with friends is to use an Android or iOS app for mobile devices. This type of play has become very popular in recent years. The games are sometimes like to social media networks like Facebook.

Players begin by downloading the blackjack app to their device. They then search for people on their friend’s list who have also downloaded the game. Contacts can be added and the players can then have friendly competitions against one another in the game of blackjack to see who can amass the most winnings.

These types of games are a little different than the regular online blackjack games that are played in online casinos. They do not offer players the chance to win real money. Only credits are awarded. The algorithms for these games may also be different. There is no authority that oversees the social media blackjack games to make sure that everything is random.

Blackjack with Friends Vs. Online Casino Blackjack

It might be a good idea to take a look at the differences between blackjack with friends and real live or online blackjack. There are some subtle differences between how these games are played.

In an online casino game of blackjack the player is competing against the house. The player winning or losing does not affect the other players at the table. If there are six players at the blackjack table, the house has six different chances to win.

In a game of blackjack among friends there will not generally be a “house” to compete against. We are speaking here of blackjack games that could be held in someone’s home. In this case, the players in the game would actually take turns being the dealer or the house. That means that the player who is the house is responsible for paying all player wins on their turn around the table. This can work out well because the house has an automatic edge in blackjack, but it can also be expensive when the players get lucky.

Cheating at Online Blackjack with Friends

In discussing how to play online blackjack with friends we must conclude by looking at the subject of cheating in blackjack. We should begin by stating that it is never a good idea to cheat at gambling games. Sooner or later you will be caught, and there will be consequences. You might be subject to criminal charges if caught cheating in a live casino, or you could lose friends if you try to cheat them while playing.

The main cheating that we are talking about here is using Skype, Zoom, or Facebook while playing online blackjack with friends. Here’s an example of how it happens. A group of friends logs in and decides to play live dealer blackjack at an online casino. The players then create a Skype chat or Zoom chat to discuss their hands in real time as the online blackjack game is being conducted.

Is this cheating? Maybe. It is possible that this type of activity would fall under the umbrella of colluding. Players might be sharing thoughts on how to act on their hands, or they might even be counting cards together.

It’s a gray area, one that has yet to be tested in the courts. In time there may be rules that are established. In the meantime, online casinos reserve the right to exclude someone from their service for any reason at all. Be careful and act wisely.

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