Celebrities are just like everyone else. They love to get out and have a good time at the casino. Many famous people enjoy betting on blackjack, craps, poker, horseracing, and other gambling games. You might even be surprised to discover that some of them are pretty good at gambling. Here’s a list of famous people who love to gamble.

Charlie Sheen

The fact that Charlie Sheen loves to gamble probably surprises no one. Sheen has been a poster child for degenerate behavior throughout most of his adult life. Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t say that Charlie tries to hide his vices. Instead, he seems to embrace them.

Those in Hollywood knew of Sheen’s fondness for sports betting for many years, but it took his much-publicized divorce from Denise Richards in 2006 to make Sheen’s gambling public knowledge. According to Richards, Sheen was gambling away $200,000 every week on sports games like football and basketball. The actor has since admitted that he no longer gambles, but he continues to acknowledge other addictions and even take pride in them.

It’s too bad Charlie wasn’t a Counting Edge reader. We could have told him that blackjack is a far better way to win money than betting on sports!

Pete Rose

Even those who aren’t fans of professional baseball know who Pete Rose is. Rose had a stellar career that some would contend was the best of all time. Chief among his MLB achievements is the all-time record for hits. Rose hit the ball 4,256 times in his career. He played in the MLB All-Star Game 17 times and won three World Series. Yet, despite all of these accomplishments, it is possible that Pete Rose will never be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame. The reason? Gambling.

From 1984-1986 Rose served as the manager of his old team the Cincinnati Reds. He also did double duty as a player. What many people didn’t know is that Rose was gambling on baseball games while he was employed by the Reds. That’s a big no-no. Eventually, Rose was caught and dismissed by the Reds. He was also permanently banned from baseball in 1989. Not long after, the MLB Hall of Fame approved a resolution than no banned players could enter the Hall of Fame. Rose also went to federal prison for his gambling activities.

Later, Rose admitted than he bet on baseball games while a player/manager, but he has stood resolute on the claim that he never bet on or against his own team. While we here at Counting Edge do not condone Rose’s actions, we agree with most people that he has paid for his wrongs. It just seems wrong that he is not permitted to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Tiger Woods

This list would not be complete without a celebrity that likes to bet on blackjack. Tiger Woods may have been heralded as the best golfer to ever play the game, but his blackjack skills appear to need a little bit of work. Tiger has been reported to bet as much as $25,000 on a single hand of blackjack. His habit was so strong that the MGM Grand Casino in Las Vegas imposed a $1 million dollar limit on his bets.

Now, we haven’t seen Tiger play but if his blackjack game is anything like his golf game recently, he might want to stay away from the tables until he takes some of the advice on our website. We would recommend starting with one of the card counting methods listed on our site and maybe registering an account at an online casino to practice.



Matt Damon

Matt Damon is sort of a poker legend just because of his starring role in Rounders, but in real life he also likes to try his hand at the poker table. The rumor is that Damon likes to participate in private poker games with his buddies Ben Affleck, Tobey Maguire, and Leonardo DiCaprio. It’s hard to pin down how much Damon has won or lost, but if he plays anything like his character in Rounders then it is a safe bet to say he likes to take risks.

Risk is a part of gambling, but the most successful professional blackjack players learn how to take calculated risks. Winning at any gambling game is knowing when you have the best chance to win and win you have the worst of it.

Michael Jordan

He may be regarded as the best basketball player of all time, but Michael Jordan is known to be a poor gambler. Jordan’s favorite thing to wager on is golf, and reports say that he once lost $1.25 million dollars on a single round of golf. For certain, Jordan can probably afford that kind of a loss. Even so, such losses can often be indicative of a serious gambling problem.

Jordan has admitted losing $165,000 in Atlantic City, and one has to wonder if gambling for the sports legend has become more of an obsession than an actual effort to win money. The sad fact is that many people are addicted to the rush of gambling instead of focused on using proper strategies to win. You will also find the following post entertaining that is about the time Michael Jordan Reversed his lost Fortune In Blackjack.


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