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Card counters are familiar with the security guards in a casino. Those men and women who are tasked with maintaining order on the casino floor are easy to spot. There is another casino employee, however, who poses a greater risk to the card counter. This is the surveillance agent. These individuals are unknown to players who visit the casino and sometimes even unknown to other employees!

Casino Surveillance Employees

There are many differences between casino surveillance employees and regular security personnel. First and foremost among these is anonymity. The ability of a surveillance employee to do their job depends on few people knowing who they are.

The individuals who work surveillance at a casino are known to only a few people. They report to a separate supervisor and spend most of their working days in the “hole.” The hole is an area which contains monitors of all the video cameras in the casino. From here, surveillance personnel can observe the blackjack tables, craps tables, and slot machines at a single glance.

All areas of the casino are covered by cameras. No one can escape the watchful eye of surveillance. When a problem is observed, some surveillance employees may be dispatched to the casino floor to observe more closely. They are even called upon to observe dealers and other casino employees who may be acting inappropriately.

Card Counters and Surveillance

Casino surveillance receive specialized training to deal with a variety of circumstances. One of the very first things they must do is become familiar with every table game. They must know the rules and know how to identify things that look suspicious. Where blackjack is concerned, this means learning how to spot card counters as well as those who attempt to cheat with other methods such as past posting.

To accomplish this, surveillance employees spend many hours reading about blackjack as well as playing the game in a controlled environment. You might be surprised to learn that many of them are also expert card counters.

What many people may not know is that sometimes casino surveillance observes a suspected counter at  close range. They may even be posing as a casino guest near a table where a suspected counter is playing. This gives them a better perspective than they may receive sitting before a bank of monitors.

A thing surveillance is trained to look for are odd betting patterns. A dead giveaway that an individual may be counting is the varying of bets. A player that has been playing the minimum and suddenly raises their bets to five or even ten times the minimum is sure to get the attention of surveillance. This is why Counting Edge recommends camouflage betting and other methods which disguise counting.

How Surveillance Deals With Card Counters

If surveillance has identified you as a card counter, you should not expect to be confronted by one of these shadow employees. They will not compromise their identity in order to personally confront a suspected counter.

The job of surveillance is to confirm the existence of a problem and then report their findings to security. Regular security guards are then tasked with removing the individuals from the casino. There is, however, another way surveillance works to protect the casino from those who are suspected of counting.

Surveillance maintains the lists of individuals that have been banned for counting cards. They also operate and observe the facial recognition software that is now used by many casinos. When a suspected card counter arrives at the casino, facial recognition can alert surveillance to their presence.

If you want to avoid the possibility of encountering casino surveillance, why not register an account with an online casino and bet on blackjack from home. You will receive a nice welcome bonus when you visit a casino recommended by Counting Edge.

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