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Blackjack remains the most popular gambling card game for a simple reason. It is a game that can be beat. If you understand basic blackjack strategy, master some basic card counting, and have solid money management the profits will come. Today, however, many players are choosing to play online blackjack for real money. They often ask Counting Edge, can you beat online blackjack?

We believe that online blackjack can be beaten. There are players who regularly contact us to tell us about the money they have won playing blackjack at an online casino. There are differences between live blackjack and blackjack online, but the game remains profitable for those who have the skills to win.

Beating Online Blackjack Takes Discipline

Self-control is the hallmark of any successful gambler. This is true no matter what type of betting you pursue. Being able to control your emotions and make the right decisions is of extreme importance. Discipline is even more important when it comes to playing blackjack online.

Online blackjack games for real money are available 24/7 365 days a year from the comfort of your own home. You can play on your desktop or laptop, a phone, or a tablet. Betting is accessible from anywhere that you have an Internet connection or a data signal on your phone. The accessibility of online blackjack games has encouraged some people to play more than they should.

Other players tend to risk more money in online blackjack because they don’t have a sense that the money they are gambling with is real. The chips on an online blackjack table are not tangible. All too often this causes players to bet more than they should and lose more often. Always remember that blackjack is a game that has a built-in house advantage. Sooner or later the house will always win.

Can you beat virtual blackjack? It depends. Aside from discipline you also need to understand the mechanics of the game and the strategies that will work in an online game. There is a different approach to playing blackjack online than there is with playing it in a live casino, and it all begins with how the game is dealt.

How to Beat the Dealer at Blackjack?

In most cases the online blackjack games that you play will involve a virtual environment. There will not be an actual dealer present. You will play at a graphical representation of a blackjack table that has he same layout that you will find in a live casino. The cards will simply appear on your computer screen when you click DEAL.

What this means is that each new hand of blackjack online begins with a full deck of 52 shuffled cards. In a live casino the table that you play at may use 4, 6, or 8 decks in a shoe. This should tell you that the advantage of card counting is negated when you play blackjack online. You simply cannot achieve and maintain an accurate count when the cards are being shuffled after each hand.

So, can you beat the dealer in blackjack under these conditions? Many players do. They are players that emphasize basic blackjack strategy over all other aspects of the game. They have taken the time to memorize basic blackjack strategy charts, and they are able to execute the right play on instinct. Studies have shown that using proper blackjack strategy can reduce the house edge to a number below 1%. That is an amazing advantage for the gambler, and it is one that you won’t find in any other casino table games. Compare it with roulette where the house advantage is as much as 5%.

Beating Blackjack Online with a Live Dealer

In recent years it has become more common to find online casinos offering live dealer blackjack. In this form of the game there is a live video stream of a real dealer who manages the game. This is the closest thing to live blackjack that you can find online.

In this form of the game there is the possibility that card counting will come into play. This depends on whether or not the cards at the game are being dealt from a shoe. If the dealer is using multiple decks in an online blackjack game then you should be able to count cards and use that to your advantage.

Of course, basic blackjack strategy is still an important element. You will need to make the correct plays each time in order to maintain your advantage over the house. You should also be aware that the tempo of a live dealer online blackjack game is a little more lively than online games with a virtual dealer. When you are simply playing the computer you have the option of taking as much time as you would like to act on your hand.

Can You Beat Online Blackjack if Casinos Cheat?

Something that many people worry about when playing blackjack online is whether or not the casino is cheating. There have been instances in the past of shady online casinos and poker platforms rigging their software so that the house wins. To avoid this circumstance you need to choose an online casino that has a good reputation for fairness.

You can often find information about online casinos through reviews. We have many of these on the Counting Edge website. You can also search to see if other players have posted information about the blackjack games they have played. What you want to see is that players are regularly winning at the games.

Online casino cheating is much less likely today. In fact, many online casinos have adopted a provably fair model of gaming. This means that they make results of the games available for independent analysis. This allows anyone to verify the casino’s algorithms and random number generators to make sure the games are being conducted fairly.

The Bottom Line on Beating an Online Blackjack Game

Whenever someone asks us “Can you beat online blackjack?” we always tell them this is a question only they can answer. Only you know how much discipline you have to play the game correctly. Only you know if you have an adequate bankroll to beat the game of online blackjack. Only you understand the depth of your basic blackjack strategy skills.

If you are ready to try and beat the game of online blackjack, why not take a few moments right now and sign up at one of our recommended online casinos. Many accept US players and others will allow you to wager with Bitcoin. Sign up today and you can also claim free bonus money.

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