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Interested in learning how to deal blackjack ? Knowing how to deal blackjack can help to improve your knowledge of the game. It can also be a profitable career for some people. Dealing blackjack is a skill that requires practice. The fundamentals of dealing can be learned in a very short time, but it can take years for someone to become the best blackjack dealer.

Here’s a closer look at how the game of blackjack is dealt and a little about the purpose of a blackjack dealer. You can use it as a guide if you want to learn how to deal your own home games.

The Role of the Dealer in Blackjack

Dealers play a very important role in the game of blackjack. The dealer represents the house in all matters related to the game. They are charged with making sure each hand is dealt fairly, collecting losing wagers, and making sure winners receive their payouts. It can be a very demanding and stressful job in a live casino environment.

Blackjack dealers in a live casino are paid an hourly rate, and they are also allowed to receive tips from patrons. These tips are what make up for the majority of the dealer’s salary. Always remember this when you are having a good session at the blackjack table.

Dealing Blackjack Live Vs. Online

If you have played the game online you will probably have noticed that dealing blackjack is a little bit different. In fact, there is no dealer in the virtual version of the game. You just click the buttons on your screen to have the cards dealt and to act on your hand.

As a result, the pace of online blackjack tends to be slower than that of live blackjack. This is good for the beginner who wants to learn the game without pressure. The exception to this would be the live dealer blackjack games that are starting to appear in more online casinos.

How to Deal Blackjack Step-by-Step

Now we are going to break down how to deal blackjack into specific steps. This the process that blackjack is dealt in most live casinos.

Shuffling and Cutting

Before the players at the blackjack table receive their cards, the cards have to be shuffled and dealt. The old way of doing this was to have the dealer shuffle by hand. More modern casinos are now using an automatic shuffler.

The dealer begins by taking a group of 4-6 decks which have been in play. They will then remove small portions of this stack and shuffle the portions together. This continues until all the cards in the stack have been shuffled together. The dealer then offer a yellow card to one of the players at the table. The player will use this card to cut the cards. Once the cards have been cut, the entire stack goes into the shoe for dealing. The yellow card is placed near the bottom ¼ of the deck in a random position. When this card is reached, the cards are reshuffled.

An automatic shuffler simplifies the process of dealing blackjack. The cards are simply placed into the shuffler where the machine does the work. Automatic shufflers make it possible to shuffle the cards after each hand of play.

Pause to Allow Betting

Once the cards are shuffled and cut, the next step of how to deal blackjack is to pause and allow betting to proceed. Players make wagers by placing chips into the spot on the table which is directly in front of them. The dealer must give all players time to make their bets before proceeding with the game. Usually, a dealer will make sure players are ready to proceed before the deal begins.

No main bets are allowed at blackjack once the cards have been dealt. The only exceptions are bets for splitting and doubling down. The dealer has to make sure that no bets are added after the players have seen the cards.

Deal 1 Face-Up Card to All Players From Left to Right

The actual deal is next. The dealer begins by giving each player 1 face-up card. Dealing begins with the player to the dealer’s left and continues from left to right until all players have received 1 card.

Deal 1 Face-Down Card in Front of You

The dealer then deals one face-down card to himself.

Deal a Second Face-Up Card to All Players and Yourself From Left to Right

Dealing blackjack continues with a second face-up card to all players from left to right. It is important to remember that in most casinos the players are not allowed to touch the cards. The dealer is required to enforce this rule and to warn players when it is broken.

Asking for Insurance and Checking For Blackjack

The final step in the actual dealing of blackjack is for the dealer to check their hand. If an ace or a ten is showing, the dealer must check for a blackjack. If the dealer has a blackjack, the hand is over and all players lose unless they also have blackjack. If the dealer does not have blackjack, play continues.

The dealer also must ask players if they want to take insurance when an ace shows. Once the players have decided, the dealer will check for blackjack and complete the necessary actions.

Finishing the Round

With the preliminary dealing out of the way, the final part of dealing blackjack is for the dealer to complete the round. This involves allowing the players to act on their hands as allowed by the rules of blackjack, and also the dealer acting on his hand according to the rules.

Once all hands have been carried to completion, the payouts are made and the losing bets are collected. Dealers are then allowed to proceed with a new round of play.

How to Proceed If You Want to Deal In a Casino

As we mentioned to start this article, dealing blackjack in a casino can be a lucrative career. The job market for blackjack dealers can be competitive. That’s why we recommend that those who are serious about it consider attending a professional dealing school in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

The cost of these schools can vary, but many of them are able to offer placement when you graduate. The live casinos prefer hiring graduates because they know they are getting someone that has already been well-trained.

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