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You have probably noticed that the Counting Edge blackjack system was created with beginning blackjack players in mind. It is designed to be very simple yet powerfully effective. Our system is crafted to help you get your blackjack career off to a good start by giving you the basic tools you need to win money in the casino.

If you follow the advice we have given here and practice the strategies in live blackjack play we have no doubt that you will become a big winner. As you become more skilled your profits will increase to the levels you read about, and this is when things really become a lot of fun.

Pretty soon you won’t be a beginner anymore. Will the Counting Edge system still work for you then? Of course it will! In fact, it will work even better as you move into bigger and bigger blackjack games. We have included this section to give you some advice about taking your blackjack game to the next level with the Counting Edge blackjack system.

Bigger Games Equal Bigger Money

You have probably read all of the blackjack books about players who made millions playing blackjack, like the MIT blackjack team. It sounds like a great life, and it can be, but many beginners make the mistake of thinking they can start winning money like that right away.

The truth is that you cannot make millions at blackjack by playing at a $5 minimum table. The team from MIT was sometimes betting $25,000 or more on one hand. This is how they were able to amass such a huge profit in a short time.

If you want to make the kind of money that the team from MIT made, you have to play the bigger table limits. Of course, you cannot start playing there until you have the proper bankroll. Therefore, the first thing you should be doing as a beginner is building your bankroll.

Building your Bankroll is your Main Job

Let’s face it: most of us play blackjack because we want to win money. We want to win money because we like to spend money. We like to buy nice things and expensive things. In the beginning you have to realize that the money you win playing blackjack cannot be spent. It must be added to your bankroll so that you can start winning the big money.

There is a temptation to spend blackjack profits. For some players this temptation might be too much to overcome. The Counting Edge system offers a solution to this problem. If you cannot resist the urge to spend some of your blackjack profits, create a system which splits your winnings 60-40 between bankroll and spending money.

Here’s an example: $100 winning session = $60 added to bankroll, $40 added to your wallet

In this way you can have the best of both worlds. You will still be adding to your bankroll but you will also feel rewarded with some of your profits.

Beware of Leaks

In the gambling world a leak is some compulsion or problem that drains your bankroll. In most cases, leaks are usually related to another casino game.

An example of a leak would be taking your profits on the blackjack table and gambling them away in the slot machines of the casino. This is very bad if you want to be a professional blackjack player. Now, if you want to take the $40 in the example we gave above and throw it away playing the Palace of Riches slot machine, go right ahead. That’s your choice. You should never take the $60 or any other portion of your blackjack bankroll and bet it on the slots or roulette or any other casino game where the odds are stacked against you.

Leaks come in all shapes and sizes. A leak can be sports betting, getting lap dances in the casino lounge, or betting on the horses. One thing is for sure. If you do not watch out for leaks your blackjack boat is going to sink.

Build your Confidence

Another reason for staying at the lower levels of blackjack for a while is that you will be building your confidence level. This is very important if you want to play big money blackjack because many people have an internal comfort level when it comes to betting that they are unwilling to cross.

When the students from MIT were betting $25,000 a hand they had to have confidence in their abilities. Think about it this way: when you push $25,000 in chips onto the table you have just bet the equivalent of a brand new car. On one hand! That can be intimidating and if you do not have the right level of confidence in your abilities you will hesitate and keep your bets small.

To sum things up, use the Counting Edge system first as a way to increase your bankroll and build your confidence while eliminating any leaks that will delay your success. It may take a little time, but pretty soon you will be playing in those big games where the big money is made.

Oh, one last thing. When you win that first $1,000,000 be sure to remember your friends here at Counting Edge!

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