Up to this point we have focused on giving you the basics of the Counting Edge blackjack system. These basic elements are very important and cannot be ignored. Take a few days to go back over what you have learned so far and if you have not begun to memorize basic strategy or practice card counting please do so now.

There are many blackjack systems on the market. The Counting Edge system is different from many blackjack systems you will find because it goes beyond the basic, mechanical actions you need to master in order to become a successful blackjack player. What makes our system truly different is that it focuses you on building your blackjack bankroll steadily over time so that you can play at higher limits and increase your profits. This is the heart and soul of the system. We call it small ball blackjack.

What is Small Ball Blackjack?

Small ball blackjack is a method of playing that is designed to increase your winning sessions and build your bankroll by taking small profits on a consistent basis. These profits accumulate until your bankroll is completely built of your profits. As your bankroll grows you can then begin to increase your profits because you will be playing in bigger blackjack games.

A mistake that many blackjack players make is expecting to win large amounts of money and refusing to take small profits. They want a win they can feel. Winning a small amount of money does not appeal to the gambling nature of most blackjack players. Unfortunately, this can lead to greed. Greed will keep you in a blackjack session too long and cause you to walk away with a loss.

Small ball blackjack can prevent you from succumbing to greed and make you a consistent winner.

It is One Long Game

The first step to mastering small ball blackjack is to start thinking of your blackjack playing as one long game instead of many sessions. It is possible to have a losing session. You will have them, to be sure. What you must do is realize that one losing session does not affect your overall success at the blackjack table. Look at the big picture. Instead of thinking about how much you won or lost in today’s game, you need to be thinking about how much you have won or lost since you started playing. Are you ahead or behind?

When you learn to think this way about blackjack you will not be upset over one losing session. Getting upset over a losing session can cause you to go “on tilt” and lose your composure. When this happens your decisions are affected in a negative way.

Setting Win/Loss Limits

In small ball blackjack the goal is to set strict win/ loss limits for each session. Doing this will maximize your chances of making a profit, and it will minimize your losses when you have a losing session.

To begin, your win/loss limits are going to be 20% of your bankroll. Our system advises you to begin with a bankroll of $250 for play at a $5 minimum table. Therefore, 20% of your bankroll is $50. What this means is that if you win $50 in a blackjack session, that session is over and you leave the table. Likewise, if you lose $50 in a session you must quit and return again for a new session.

The purpose of a win limit is to help you consistently walk away with a profit. How many times have you heard a gambler say, “I should have quit while I was ahead!” Well, a win limit helps you to do that. It establishes a specific amount that you will walk away with in profit. When you get up and leave the blackjack table after reaching your win limit you have had a winning session. Nothing can take away that profit.

A loss limit serves the purpose of protecting your bankroll from a devastating loss. To win at blackjack you must have the money to play. If you lose your entire bankroll in one session you are out of the game until you build it back up again. Setting a loss limit guarantees that you cannot lose your entire bankroll in one blackjack session.

Smart Players Know How to Walk Away

A smart blackjack player can walk away with a small profit or a small loss. They know that in the long run the results of today’s session do not matter because blackjack is one long game. This is how a professional blackjack player acts. A professional blackjack player treats blackjack like a business.

A degenerate gambler, on the other hand, shows no restraint. They are not thinking like a business person. They are too caught up in the action at the table. All they care about is making the next bet, and they will keep betting until they lose everything because no amount of winnings is ever big enough.

If you want to be a professional blackjack player you need to make a decision right now. Do you have enough self-discipline to walk away from a table with a profit? Do you have enough self-discipline to walk away from a table with a small loss instead of losing your entire bankroll? If you cannot answer yes to these questions then maybe a career in blackjack is not for you. That’s okay. The world can always use another fast food worker making minimum wage and struggling to get by.

The world of big money blackjack is out there waiting for you. The ability to make a living playing a game you love, eating free meals at the casino and getting comps for free hotel rooms, and the chance to make a lot of money is like a gold ring right before your eyes. Do you have what it takes to reach out and grab it?

Building your Bankroll with Small Ball Blackjack

As we have stated previously, your starting bankroll requirement is 50x the minimum bet at the blackjack table. We suggest you begin at a $5 table with a starting bankroll of $250. Now, the goal of small ball blackjack is to build your bankroll so that you can begin to play in bigger blackjack games for more money. We’re about to show you the beauty of small ball blackjack!

Whenever you reach your win limit of $50, you walk away from the blackjack table with a profit and add that profit to your bankroll. So, let’s look at what happens after just five winning sessions with small ball blackjack. After five winning sessions you will have added a total of $250 to your bankroll. Now you have $500 in betting capital. Guess what this means? You now have a bankroll that is big enough to play blackjack at a $10 table (50 x $10 = $500). But wait, it gets even better. With a larger bankroll you now have a larger win limit. 20% of $500 = $100. So, now your win goal for each session is $100. Instead of making $50 per session you can now make $100 after just five winning sessions with the Counting Edge system.

Let’s go even farther. You win another five sessions with your win limit of $100 and add the $500 profit to your bankroll. Now you have a bankroll of $1000 and can play at a $20 table (50 x $20 = $1000). We are sure you have done the math already. When you get to this stage you now have a win limit of $200 but you are still just risking 20% of your bankroll on a blackjack session.

Can you see the beauty of small ball blackjack? In just ten winning blackjack sessions using our system you can go from playing at a $5 table and making $50 per session to playing at a $20 table and making $200 per session. All of this is possible because you were willing to set a win/loss limit and stick to it. Who wouldn’t like a job making $200 per day for a couple hours of work?

Minimizing Losses with Small Ball Blackjack

If every blackjack session was a winning one, life would be grand. Unfortunately, that is not the reality in any game of chance. There is always a chance that when you sit down to play the game you will lose.

It is a good thing to be confident at the blackjack table, but believing that you will never have a losing session is unrealistic. It is also a dangerous attitude to have because you can become cocky and play too loose. You must accept that sometimes you will have a losing session. The trick is to minimize your losses so that you can return for another session.

Sometimes you can do everything right and still lose. You can make all the right decisions, keep the count perfectly, and make the right bets but still come up short. If everyone won all of the time there wouldn’t be any casinos. All of them would be out of business.

Small ball blackjack helps you to manage your losses with a strict loss limit for each session. This loss limit of 20% guarantees that you can take ten losing hands in a row before you must end the session. Losing ten hands in a row at the blackjack table is very rare but it does happen. If it does, our system will make sure you lose a minimum amount of your bankroll.

Never Chase your Losses

A common mistake many blackjack players and gamblers make is that they chase their losses in an effort to get even. This is a losing strategy and you must learn how to control the urge to recoup your losses in a session. If you reach your loss limit, the session is over no questions asked. Take a walk, have something to eat, but do not remain at the table believing that you will turn things around and get even.

ALL casinos games are designed to favor the house. If you remain at the table long enough the casino will win each time. The casino knows this and they count on it. The casino is counting on the gambling urge to take over and keep you at the table.

To win consistently at blackjack you must be smarter than the casino. This means setting your win/loss limits and sticking to them no matter what.

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