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If you want to become a good online blackjack player, improving your skills is a must. If you are trying to learn as you play, this can become expensive. A better solution is to find methods for free blackjack practice. Your options in this may be more vast than you think.

Let’s take a closer look at ways for you to learn blackjack without risk. That means without spending any money. From free online casino blackjack to apps that can be downloaded for your phone, here is your guide to free blackjack practice.

Free Blackjack at Online Casinos

When you play blackjack online it is most often for real money. There are may advantages to doing so. When you win real money at an online casino you can cash out that money to your bank account and spend it. It’s just like winning in a physical casino. The difference is that you don’t have to leave home.

What some people do not know is that a few online casinos offer a free version of their blackjack games. All you need is a regular online casino account to play. There is no need to make a deposit to play these games.

The beauty of free blackjack practice at an online casino is that you can make the switch to a regular game for real money when you are ready. You will still be able to deposit money to your account and take advantage of any bonuses that are offered.

Android and iOS Blackjack Apps

You can also practice your blackjack skills with any one of several apps that are offered for Android and iOS devices. These apps sometimes have in-app purchases, so always make sure that you read the find print before you download and use the app.

Some blackjack apps for mobile devices go beyond helping you practice your blackjack skills for free. Some of them are active trainers, meaning that they are a learning tool. They will suggest the right moves to make for a variety of situations that you may encounter. You can practice over and over until the moves become second-nature to you.

Advantages of Practicing Blackjack for Free

No one would encourage you to jump into online blackjack for real money without the proper training. Anyone that would is probably out to separate you from your money. Blackjack is a pretty simple game to learn, but there is a learning curve. You will get better with more practice.

Most blackjack players that have made a good living at the game will also tell you that you should never stop learning and improving your game. While you may be able to become proficient at the basics over a short period of time, becoming a master can take a lifetime.

The online casinos are always trying to evolve the game to make it harder for players to beat. New variations are introduced that you may want to master. The point here is that you are going to be practicing a lot if you are dedicated to being the best blackjack player. You will need a way to practice without risk, and that’s the most important advantage of playing blackjack for free.

Another advantage of free blackjack practice is that you do not have to reveal any of your personal financial information. Some players are still skeptical of revealing banking or credit card information in this day and age, although we can tell you that the online casinos we recommend have the proper security protocols in place to keep you protected.

How to Practice Blackjack

Finding a method for free blackjack practice is only a part of the equation for blackjack success. Someone once said that practice makes perfect. The truth is that perfect practice makes perfect. If you are practicing errors then you will just learn those.

It is best to sketch out a routine that you will use when practicing. You will probably want to focus on two areas. These are basic blackjack strategy and card counting. Each of them has a purpose. They are also somewhat dependent upon one another for maximum success.

Basic blackjack strategy refers to the proper play for each situation that you will encounter at the blackjack table. Because blackjack depends upon a specific set of rules, we can determine that best play to make in most every situation. The action that you will take at the blackjack table depends upon three main factors. These are:

  • The dealer’s upcard
  • Your two starting cards
  • The count

When practicing blackjack you need to have access to a basic blackjack strategy chart. We happen to have those on the Counting Edge website. If you choose one of the apps that we mentioned which includes a trainer, the app will give you a hint if you need it to make the proper play.

You should break down your practice sessions to devote time to basic blackjack strategy and card counting. It is not advised to practice both at the same time until you have become comfortable with your skill in each.

Try to keep your practice sessions short until you have developed the mental stamina needed to focus for longer periods of time. Begin with about 15 minutes and increase the time in 15 minute increments.

When to Switch to Real Money Blackjack?

There will come a time when you are ready to switch to playing blackjack online for real money. This time is different for everyone. You may need a few weeks or months of practice before you are ready to tackle online games that require a real wager on each hand.

A good rule of thumb is to make the switch when you are able to intuitively make most blackjack decisions with a limited number of errors. You should average about one mistake per ten hands as a novice. The professionals rarely make a single mistake. That’s how they are able to make a living at the game.

Are you ready to use free blackjack practice to improve your game? Check out these recommended online casinos which offer either free blackjack games or games with a low $1 minimum wager. Read our Casino Max, Roar 21, High Country, Cherry Jackpot, Lucky Red Casino to name a few.

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