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You probably know Dana White as the founder and president of the UFC. White earns millions from his role in the sport of mixed martial arts. What you may not know is that White is also a blackjack player. He is so good at the game that casinos have banned him from playing. It is even said that Dana White has won $7 million in a single blackjack session.


UFC President Considers Blackjack to Be His Second Job

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Dana White has earned hundreds of millions of dollars from the UFC. Even though he sold his majority stake in 2016 for $4 billion, White still earns as much as $360 million from the company. He also has a right to a percentage of the future profits.

A man in that position wouldn’t need a second job, but that is exactly what Dana White has called blackjack. He has admitted his fondness for the game on many occasions. In 2013-2014 White was on a massive roll at the casinos when he appeared on the UFC Embedded program. While on camera, White claimed that he had been hitting the Palms Casino in Las Vegas for millions.

Not long after the appearance on the show, White gave a tour of his office in Las Vegas. Among his belongings were a trophy and a special belt that had been given to White by the Palms. The recognition was for winning more than $1 million in one night playing blackjack.

White is also known as a big tipper. He has been seen giving the casino cashiers who process his winnings as much as $500.

The Palms Tries to Keep Dana White Out

Dana White admitted that he once won $1.6 million in a single session at the Palms. The owners of the casino didn’t give him too much trouble, but when they sold the casino the new owners asked Dana White to not come back.

White took the ban in stride. He has said that he understands Las Vegas is all about seeing people lose, not win. When the casino was sold once again, the new Palms owners asked him to come back. They figured that having him in the casino would be good for business. White accepted the invite and won another $1.6 million right away. The Palms gave him the custom-made championship belt in a gesture of good faith.

There are plenty of Las Vegas casinos that do not want Dana White playing in their establishment. It is also hard for him to evade any security because he is a well-known figure. When he walks into any casino it is a only a matter of time before he is identified.

Joe Rogan Claims Dana White Wins & Loses Millions at Blackjack

The popular reality show host and MMA commentator Joe Rogan has been present on many occasions when Dana White has played blackjack in Las Vegas. He claims that he has personally witnessed White losing millions. He also says that Dana White won a total of $7 million in one blackjack session.

When one considers the amount of money it would take to win $7 million in one night at blackjack, it is easy to believe that Dana White has a net worth of about $500 million. Some claim that this number is low and that his worth is much higher. Rogan and others believe that $7 million is just a drop in the bucket to White.

Gambling at High Stakes in Blackjack

When you play blackjack at the levels of Dana White, the table limits can get extreme. For most of us, betting $500 a hand would be considered extremely high. For blackjack players like Dana White, this would be considered a very low stake. White and other celebrity blackjack players like Michael Jordan have been known to play blackjack for $50,000 per hand or more.

In the matter of just a few hours at the blackjack table, a player like Dana White can have millions of dollars in swings. People tend to focus on the $7 million dollar win, but White may have pushed twice that much across the table in wagers before the night is through.

You don’t have to be as rich as Dana White when you sign up to play blackjack with one of our recommended online casinos. You can even play for as little as $1 per hand. Many online casinos will also give you a nice casino bonus when you sign up.


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