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Do you dream about playing in those blackjack games where the bet is $500 or more per hand? Maybe you have heard stories about celebrities betting $10,000 per hand or more on blackjack. High limit blackjack is something you should aspire to if you want to make massive profits.

Getting to the high limit level takes practice and patience. It also requires that you amass a strong bankroll. Here are a few tips that will take you to the biggest blackjack tables online or in a live casino.

What is High Limit Blackjack?

When does a blackjack game online or live become classified as high limit blackjack? In an online game you can play for a minimum of $1 per hand. In a live casino the minimum can range from $5-$10. We’re talking here about the high end of the scale. High limit blackjack means that you’ll be running up against table maximums.

When you are playing online, it can be common to encounter a $100-$500 maximum bet. These numbers would fall under the umbrella of high limit games. In a live casino you could find tables where the maximum bet is $5,000. If you are a blackjack high roller like Michael Jordan or Dana White, the live casino might even open a special table for you and allow you to bet $100,000 per hand.

What is high limit blackjack las vegas limits? The Bellagio has some of the highest limits in with the maximum bets as high as $50,000. Another casino would be Caesars Palace.

Our discussion of the subject has to fix the line somewhere, so we will set it at $100. Playing blackjack for $100 per hand would be considered high limit to many players. This is especially true if you are what one would term a recreational player.

The Bankroll Requirements of Betting Big

The first step to moving up in the game of blackjack is to increase your bankroll. You are going to have to have more money if you want to play at the higher limits. There is a basic formula that we use at Counting Edge to determine the size of the appropriate bankroll.

You should have a starting bankroll of 50X the minimum bet that you expect to play. At a $100 minimum bet your bankroll should be $5,000. That number has probably stopped a few of you dead in your tracks and you are now headed back to the $5 table with a $250 bankroll.

Why does your bankroll need to be so high? Why can’t you just start with a $1,000 bankroll and bet $100 per hand? The answer lies in the high variance you can encounter at the blackjack table. Variance refers to the swings or streaks that occur in a blackjack game. You can easily lose 10 hands in a row at blackjack. If that happens, your $1,000 is wiped out.

A bankroll of 50X the minimum unit you will bet gives you a fighting chance to overcome any variance that you may encounter. It allows you to stay in the game until you catch a hot streak. It also allows you to recognize that you are caught in a cold streak and exit with most of your bankroll intact. Trust us. If you sit down and lose ten hands in a row it is time to leave.

Trying to play high limit blackjack without a proper bankroll is an exercise in frustration. It can also be an exercise in losing your money. Don’t try it.

Using Low Limit Blackjack to Build Your Bankroll

We have many players at Counting Edge that have used low limit blackjack to build their bankroll over time. They have used our approach called small ball blackjack, and they have gradually worked their way up to the higher limit games. You can do the same thing.

Why not try your own Build a Bankroll challenge? You might even be able to do this without risking a single cent of your own money. The challenge begins by finding an online casino that gives a welcome bonus to its new players.

You can often get a 100% match on your first deposit up to a certain amount. Imagine if you got $500 to start. The goal would then be to turn that $500 into $5,000 by playing online blackjack. It might sound hard, but we know people who have done that very thing. Just remember that there are terms and conditions regarding when you can cash out your online casino bonus cash.

Skills Needed to Win at High Limit Blackjack

Once you have the bankroll needed to play high limit blackjack, you are going to need to assess your skills. Maybe you were under the impression that the same skills apply no matter what limit you play. Not so much.

The players who succeed at the highest levels of blackjack are those with a better skill set. Yes, they are versed in basic blackjack strategy but we are going beyond that. You are also going to need to learn advanced techniques in money management, player discipline, and even card counting.

Card counting is a skill that most high limit players possess. You will not have an easy time winning when you cannot establish an advantage over the house. Counting cards can tell you when the deck is in your favor and when it is not.

Once you are able to spot an advantage, you have to know how to manage your bets. Raising bets up and down on a whim is not the way to success. There has to be a method to your style of play. At the same time you have to become skilled at disguising yourself as an advantage player. Getting marked as a card counter can still get you banned in many online casinos today.

Finally, discipline is the ultimate hallmark of the professional high limit blackjack player. You have to resist the temptation of greed and know when to walk away. You have to know how to avoid alcohol while playing to avoid bad decisions. Every big player at blackjack knows when it is time to walk away from the table and take a break.

Do you have what it takes to play high limit blackjack? You can try your skills right now at one of our recommended online casinos. Play from home with your computer, phone, or tablet.

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