Did you know that those who play online blackjack in a live casino can become targets of thieves and attackers? This is especially true when it comes to women. All of our readers might want to consider some type of non-lethal protection when traveling to casinos. A blackjack weapon can be a very good choice. […]

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At Counting Edge we sometimes present information on gambling activities other than blackjack. We recently became aware of a sports betting resource that is very popular in Sweden. Rekatochklart is more than just a website about sports betting. It is a hub which supports an entire community of sports bettors in Sweden. Sports betting is […]

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Do you dream about playing in those blackjack games where the bet is $500 or more per hand? Maybe you have heard stories about celebrities betting $10,000 per hand or more on blackjack. High limit blackjack is something you should aspire to if you want to make massive profits. Getting to the high limit level […]

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Blackjack is a game of decisions. You are allowed to act on your hand in many ways. Splitting pairs is a common action. Some players mistakenly think they should always split a pair, but this is not true. You should never split 5s in a game of blackjack. Here’s why. Playing Those Tricky 10s and […]

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