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Anyone that has used Craigslist knows just how useful and bizarre the online marketplace can be. Individuals use it to sell unwanted items, find work, or even to track down someone that they briefly met at a local venue. Now take a moment to imagine what Craigslist ads look like in Las Vegas, the gambling mecca known as Sin City.

Just about everything you can imagine makes its way into the Craigslist Las Vegas listings. There are individuals offering odd things for sale, people who want to tell you about their private Las Vegas experiences, and bands looking for that perfect lead guitarist. You are probably familiar with the famous saying that we will paraphrase:

“What happens in Las Vegas winds up on Craigslist!”

Las Vegas Music Gigs

Let’s begin with something that isn’t too out of the ordinary for Las Vegas: musicians looking for work. Vegas is an entertainment town. There are literally thousands of venues from large to small that offer live music in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Craigslist is used by out-of-work musicians to advertise their services, bands looking for members, and club owners that need to book an act.

It’s not so strange for a publication like Craigslist to be used this way. For many years there were print publications just like Craigslist. One of the most famous was the Village Voice in New York. For years it had a classified section where musicians and other performing artists could advertise.

Back in the 1970s a struggling young rock band posted a Craigslist style ad in the Village Voice. The band was KISS and the guitarist that answered the ad was Ace Frehley. The rest is history. The same thing could happen today with Craigslist Las Vegas.

Not All Las Vegas Craigslist Gigs are for Making Music

Not everyone looking for work in Las Vegas has musical talent. They have to market other skills which you might not expect to find in a lesser city. A glimpse at the Craigslist Las Vegas listings only goes to show that anything goes in Sin City.

Telemarketers are always in high demand on Craigslist Las Vegas jobs. There are also ads for baristas, tattoo artists, and personal escorts. Yes. People in Las Vegas will pay good money to have an attractive male or female accompany them to important events. But beware. Sex trafficking is a huge problem in Las Vegas, and sometimes the individuals that do this use Craigslist to initiate introductions.

Las Vegas Rants and Weird Posts

Something else that can be found on Craigslist in Las Vegas is a forum that pretty much allows people to post whatever they like about any subject. A recent perusal of the site included an ad that stated the following:

“They follow me everywhere running they mouth I did this did that I didn’t know why then they started talking about rumors that started 12 years ago then I found out they only doing this for entertain they are a wannabe illuminati Controll everything with evil doing I believe we was put on this planted for ourselves and the earth not because we are bored do some evil stuff to people get a life find a activity not circle around somebody like vultures a bunch of uneducated miscives people thinking they got the answer for everything”

Apparently the Illuminati is alive and well in Las Vegas. You will also see ads from many people complaining about the local casinos. It’s even possible that you might find information from local card counters on which blackjack tables to avoid. That might be something you can take seriously if you are planning a blackjack vacation to the city anytime soon.

Looking for Lost Love in Las Vegas

Imagine visiting your favorite Las Vegas casino for an evening of blackjack and sitting down next to a beautiful blonde female. Over the course of the evening you engage in friendly conversation and you are certain that there is a spark of interest there. The woman eventually leaves and you didn’t even get a chance to get her name.

Relax! You still have a chance to connect with this person. Just create an account with Las Vegas Craigslist and make a post. There is an entire section for people just like you who are looking for the one that got away. You might be surprised to know that ads like these can have quite a bit of success. Of course, these ads can also attract predators that only want you to meet them in a dark alley so they can rob you blind.

Odd Things for Sale on Craigslist Las Vegas

Craigslist was originally conceived as a marketplace where individuals could by and sell all kinds of things. Antiques, guns, furniture. You name it and it has probably made an appearance on Craigslist. But in Las Vegas the items for sale can be downright strange and unique.

There have been ads selling old slot machines that have been purchased from casinos. What is even stranger is that some people have bought these old machines to try and reverse engineer them in an effort to figure out how to cheat the casinos out of money. There are also old blackjack tables for sale, card shoes, and even old gambling chips.

What about toupees for men? Yes, you can find those, too. Vintage automobiles are also popular. So are collectible autographs from the legendary stars of Las Vegas like Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Again, it is wise to beware. Many of these items are fakes, created by someone looking to make a quick buck off of an unsuspecting buyer.

What You Can’t Buy on Las Vegas Craigslist

There is one thing that you can forget about buying on Craigslist in Las Vegas. Luck at your favorite casino is still not for sale. It’s too bad that someone isn’t selling a guaranteed way to win at the blackjack tables.

But, hey, that is what you have Counting Edge for. While we can’t promise that you will win, we can steer you in the direction of some great online blackjack casinos where your chances of winning are decent if you read and understand our articles on card counting and basic blackjack strategy. You will even get a nice welcome bonus from some of them when you create your account.

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