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Online blackjack real money games are one of the most popular ways to play 21 with your computer, phone, or tablet. Before you begin betting at an online casino there are some blackjack errors that you should try to avoid. Doing so will make you a better player and lead to bigger winnings. Here is a list of common mistakes many people make when playing online blackjack for real money.

Ignoring Basic Blackjack Strategy

A mistake made by many players online is ignoring basic blackjack strategy. The game may be played online but the rules are exactly the same as those you would find in a live casino. Basic strategy still applies, and it is even more important when playing online.

The reason for this is that card counting is almost impossible to accomplish online unless you are playing blackjack with a live dealer. In a virtual game the cards are shuffled after every hand. This makes card counting ineffective. You will have to rely on basic blackjack strategy to turn the odds in your favor.

The great thing about online blackjack real money games is that they give you an opportunity to perfect your knowledge of basic strategy without spending a lot of money. You can play online blackjack for as little as $1 per hand. In a live casino the minimum bet can be as much as $5 or more. Many players find it useful to keep a basic blackjack strategy chart handy while they play online for reference. You can find such a chart right here on Counting Edge.

Playing Blackjack for Money with a Small Bankroll

Playing online blackjack for real money means that you will be making a deposit at the online casino with a credit card or perhaps with Bitcoin. The amount of money that you use to buy into the game has a direct impact on your ability to win. Many players start with an insufficient bankroll. They do not give themselves the opportunity to ride out the swings that blackjack is known for.

We recommend that you begin with a starting bankroll of no less than 50X the table minimum. So, if the minimum bet at the table you have chosen is $1, you will want to begin with $50. If the minimum bet is $5, start with $250. This size of bankroll is going to give you the best chance to make a profit and leave the online blackjack table with your winnings.

Like all gambling games, blackjack has something known as variance. Variance reflects the ups and downs at the blackjack table. You can easily lose five, six, or more hands in a row before the cards turn in your favor. You don’t want to exhaust your bankroll while waiting for the deck to get hot. One way that you can increase your bankroll is by taking advantage of the deposit bonuses that are offered by many online casinos. Some of them will match your first deposit up to 100%. This means if you deposit $500 you will be rewarded with an additional $500 of free money. Check your chosen online casino’s bonus offer before you sign up.

Playing Blackjack When Tired

Do you know why online blackjack real money games are so popular? One reason is that they are convenient. You can play from your computer, phone, or tablet without having to leave home. The games are available 24/7. There is always blackjack action waiting for you when you play online, but this has a downside. Some people play when they are tired.

Playing blackjack when tired affects you on many levels. You become less able to handle the game emotionally. Your decisions will not be the best they can be. When you begin to make mistakes your chance to make a profit will go down and you will lose your money.

The best way to avoid this is to take breaks when you play. That is more feasible when you play online because the casino does not close. It is always there for you. If you travel to a live casino for a few days you want to play as much as possible before you leave. There is no need to do this with an online casino because you always have access no matter where you are.

Thinking Online Blackjack is Not Real

There are many players who have a type of mental block when it comes to playing online blackjack for real money. Psychologically they convince themselves that the game is not real because the play is virtual. You must always remind yourself that you are depositing actual money from your bank account or cryptocurrency wallet in order to play. When you cash out your winnings that money becomes something that you can spend on things you like.

When you lose money playing blackjack online that money is gone. Some players play beyond their means because the online game doesn’t feel real to them. This is especially true when it comes to using Bitcoin. Always remember that the money you deposit at the online casino is a real means of exchange. The casino will take it from you when you lose and return it to you when you win.

Some Final Words About Online Blackjack for Real Money

Counting Edge always advocates responsible online gambling. We encourage all of our players to reach out to someone if they believe that they have a gambling problem. These problems can destroy lives. Play smart and learn to recognize the warning signs of a gambling addiction.

You should never play online blackjack real money games with money that should be set aside for other responsibilities. Keep your bill money and gambling money separate. Never dip into your resources for additional gambling money when you have responsibilities to handle at home.

There is money to be made playing blackjack online. We receive success stories each day from players all over the world that have followed our advice to win vast sums of money at online blackjack. They choose the casinos we recommend, play smart, and avoid the common mistakes that we have mentioned. We hope that you will soon join this list of successful blackjack players. To play online, check our Casino Max, Roar 21, High Country, Cherry Jackpot to name a few. Make sure the casinos you choose are well reviewed online from trusted sources like here and OnlineBlackjack.com

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