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Blackjack is a great game to play for real money at an online casino. Many people also ask, how can I play blackjack for free? There may be times when you simply want to practice your card counting and basic blackjack strategy without risking any money. You can play online blackjack for free in a number of ways. Here are a few ideas.

Download a Free Blackjack App for Your Phone or Tablet

There are many apps available for Android and iOS devices that let you play blackjack for free on your mobile device. These apps do not require you to have an online casino account, nor do they ask you to deposit money. You just download the blackjack app and play for fun.

Blackjack 21 by Banana & Co. is one of the highest rated free blackjack apps for Android. It is available in Google Play. This app provides a blackjack game that is based on the Las Vegas rules. It has realistic table layouts and all of the betting options that you would find in a live or online casino. You can hit, stand, double, and split. Blackjack 21 has a very high rating on Google Play and has been reviewed by over 100,000 blackjack players around the world.

There are a few features in Blackjack 21 that make it particularly appealing. For starters, it uses a shoe of multiple decks just like a real casino. That means that you can practice your card counting skills. The app will also let you know when the decks are being shuffled so that you can begin your count again. The app also has a hint system that will help you perfect basic blackjack strategy. The system is intuitive, helping you when you need assistance and teaching you the correct play to make in every situation.

For those who have an Apple computer or device a great choice is Blackjack by TapTapBoom Ltd., and it is available for iPhones and iPads. The app is free to download and has over 15,000 positive reviews. It is currently the highest rated blackjack app in the App Store.

Blackjack for iOS has many elegant features. It has impressive graphics, and the player can choose to play blackjack in real-world locations like Atlantic City or Las Vegas. One negative here is that the rules of the game do not change with specific locations like they do in the real world. The basic Las Vegas rules are present to govern the game. You’ll be paid 3/2 for a blackjack, insurance pays 2/1, and you can split or double down.

A search of the App Store or Google Play will reveal other blackjack apps that you can download for free. Just know that some of these apps contain in-app purchases. Others contain ads that will pop up as you play. You might want to try two or three of the games before you make a decision on which one you want.

Are you still wondering, how can I play blackjack for free? There is another exciting way! You can claim a free money bonus from an online casino.

Get Free Blackjack Money at an Online Casino

Here’s an idea that might not have crossed your mind. Counting Edge recommends many online casinos that reward players with free bonus money. You can then use that bonus to play blackjack for free, and you may even win some real money when playing. Bonuses have different terms and conditions, so you should always check with the casino to make sure what those conditions are before you sign up.

There are generally two types of bonuses that are offered by online casinos. The first is a no-deposit bonus that anyone can claim without making a wagering deposit. You simply sign up at the online casino and claim your free money. It will usually be a small amount of $10 or so. You can then use that free money to play blackjack or any of the other games in the casino.

The other type of bonus is a matching bonus when you make a deposit with cash or Bitcoin. This bonus can be very good. Some online casinos will reward you by matching your first deposit 100%, 200%, or even 400% depending on how much you deposit. You can then use the bonus money to essentially play blackjack for free.

There is a catch with many free bonus money promotions. You won’t generally be allowed to withdraw the bonus money until you have completed certain wagering requirements. You may be required to bet the total amount of the bonus 50X or more before you can withdraw. It’s still a good deal, and the smart player can indeed profit from this bonus money if they use good blackjack strategy.

This method of playing blackjack for free is superior to some others because it literally gives you the chance to win real money. You can also practice and get better at the game of blackjack without risking a lot of your own money.

The Advantages of Playing Blackjack for Free

Can I play blackjack for free? The answer to that question is yes, and there are even some advantages that come with playing the game at no cost. Here are a few reasons you might want to play blackjack for free with an app or with bonus money from an online casino.

  • Your own money is not on the line. When you play blackjack in a live or online casino the money being wagered is yours. If you lose it, that is bad for you. When you play blackjack for free you are given virtual chips to use in your wagering.
  • Free blackjack is a good way to practice the game. Every serious blackjack player needs to be able to hone their blackjack skills and practice card counting. It is a great idea to accomplish this practice without risking money.
  • Blackjack is fun. You don’t have to gamble money on the game of blackjack for it to be fun. Just playing the game for free can bring you hours and hours of enjoyment.

Are you ready to try your hand at blackjack for real money online? After you have practiced a little while for free, why not check out one of our recommended online casinos? You could be the next big winner when you sign up for an account. See our Casino Max review, High Country casino review, Cherry Jackpot casino review, or Roaring 21 review to name a few.

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