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Some people think that winning at blackjack means having a large bankroll. We will agree that a healthy bankroll is beneficial, but we can also teach you how to win at blackjack with $50 or win with $100. All it takes it the ability to choose the right game, discipline, and knowledge.

Counting Edge has put together 8 proven strategies that will help you conquer the blackjack tables with a limited bankroll. Combine these ideas and you may find yourself in a powerful position at the blackjack table.

1 – Always Play Blackjack Online

There are a few reasons that we suggest people play blackjack online. The one that matters here is that you can play online blackjack for as little as $1 per hand. You will not find a game that cheap in the live casinos.

The table minimums in a live casino are usually at least $5 and often higher during peak times. If you skip the live casinos and decide to play online, you can easily play with $50. In fact, using $50 in a $1 minimum game meets our suggestion of a 50X starting bankroll.

2 – Master Basic Blackjack Strategy

There is simply no substitute for basic blackjack strategy. No matter what size bankroll you are using, you will not be able to win without it. Professional blackjack players know this and never deviate from it. You must practice basic strategy until you can execute the moves intuitively in live play.

In basic strategy there is very little deviation from one chart to another. The examples that you will find on the Counting Edge website are exactly like those you would find on the strategy cards sold by the live casinos. Card counting methods can vary from system to system, but basic strategy pretty much remains the same for the non-counter.

3 – Look for Streaks

In the game of blackjack streaks can happen. The trick is being able to spot them and take advantage of them before they change. A streak is just that. It is a long period of wins or losses that can change in an instant.

We will touch on this later, but some money management and betting progression systems are designed to take advantage of streaks and help you spot them. If you are caught in a bad streak you also need to know when to leave the table. Winning at blackjack with $50 is equal parts skill and luck.

4 – Maximize Wins and Minimize Losses

When things are going good at the blackjack table you want to be winning. When things are going bad, you want to walk away with the minimum loss. This means that you have to know when to raise your bets and when to keep them at a minimum.

This is difficult when you are in an environment where you cannot count cards. In online blackjack card counting is very difficult because the deck is shuffled after each hand. Your best rule of thumb is to raise your bets when you are winning and lower them when you are losing. If you lose five hands in a row or a certain portion of your bankroll, end the sessions and try again later.

5 – Practice for Free

No one gets good at anything without practice. You need to practice your blackjack skills. Many casinos have free versions of their online games, we even have 2 free blackjack games here. This means that you can play the games without risk. You can also download free blackjack games for your phone or tablet.

Playing blackjack for free is a great way to pass the time, but it also helps you to learn. You will see that winning at blackjack with $50 is indeed possible if you create a plan and stick to it.

6 – Use Betting Progressions

Betting progressions are very useful for the player that wants to take advantage of streaks. In the simplest of terms, a betting progression helps you to raise your bets when you are winning and keep them low when you are losing. You can use a betting progression without counting cards.

Remember that a betting progression is not a substitute for basic blackjack strategy. You still have to know which plays to make at the table if you want to win consistently. You combine the two for maximum results.

7 – Put Bonus Money to Work

You may be able to play online blackjack for free at a number of casinos when you open an account and make your first deposit. Many online casinos will give you free money in the form of a matching deposit bonus. The more money you deposit, the more money you are able to claim.

The casino will require you to complete a wagering requirement before you are able to cash out your bonus money. Be sure to read the terms and conditions. Play it smart and you could build a larger bankroll just by using your bonus money.

8 – Be Sure to Sign Up for Loyalty Programs

Most online casinos offer some type of loyalty program to their players. You should check to see what rewards are available. Players can usually earn reward points for each dollar they spend in the casino. Those points can then be redeemed for free cash or other rewards.

You may also find an online casino that offers a reload bonus. This bonus is given when you add money to your account a second time. Sign up today with one of our recommended online casinos. Also worth reading reviews of Casino Max, Roar 21, High Country, Cherry Jackpot, Lucky red casino, Las Vegas USA to name a few. If you are a crypto fan like I am, check out CryptoReels.

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