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Playing at a live or online casino can be both profitable and fun. Most players only consider the money they win at slots or table games to be a source of winnings. Casino loyalty programs are another way for blackjack players and other gamblers to win. The programs reward players for their frequent play with cash, gifts, and sometimes even trips to a casino property. Here are some important things to know and a review of the best casino loyalty programs.

What is a Casino Loyalty Program?

A casino loyalty program is a way that casinos reward their big players for gaming action. The more money a player spends on casino games, the more the casino stands to make. Casinos understand that it is to their benefit to entice players to return often to spend money on their favorite games. These types of programs can trace their history to something that began in Las Vegas many years ago. It was called a junket.

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The casinos of Las Vegas were America’s only legal gambling destination for many years. Las Vegas has always depended upon tourists to make a name and a living for itself. Today millions of people flock to Las Vegas each year. In the past it was not so easy to attract people from all over America who had to spend large sums of money just to get to the casino.

A junket was a loyalty program created by Las Vegas casinos to reward those who gambled large sums of money. Basically, the casino would pay for airfare, a hotel room, and meals for players. In exchange, players promised that they would gamble a certain sum of money. If the player did not meet the requirement during their stay the casino would charge them for the trip. Smart blackjack players could earn vast sums of money and get their trip for free. Gamblers with no clue would lose their shirt. But both types kept coming back.

As the years passed it became harder for casinos to justify the price of a junket. Airfare went up, meals cost more to provide. The junket eventually gave way to the casino loyalty programs that we are familiar with today. The way in which these programs work can vary depending on whether they are offered by a live or online casino.

Live Casino Loyalty Programs

The method in which a casino loyalty program is handled in a live casino is much different from the way it is handled online. Players usually sign up for the program when they visit a live casino for the first time. In exchange for signing up the player will be issued a magnetic stripe player’s card that is inserted into slot machines during play or given to the table games pit boss to be scanned. A player may also receive an immediate gift for signing up such as free spins or a small amount of free cash.

Players accumulate points for playing slot machines and table games. They can then exchange these points for free cash, hotel room comps, free meals, and other perks. It is a more accurate way for the casinos to reward their best players, but it comes with a price. The casino is tracking every dollar that you spend when you use a player card.

Each time that you present the card on put it into a slot machine your activity is being tracked. The casino knows exactly how much you have won and how much you have lost. The players who are losing the most money can be given extra enticements to return to the casino. The players that are winning will also be given enticements to get them away from the tables if necessary. Many a card counter has been given a free meal or a free room in the hopes that they will take a break from winning.

Online Casino Loyalty Programs

Online casino loyalty programs tend to work a bit different. In most cases the player is automatically enrolled for such a program as soon as they create an account with the online casino. They immediately begin earning rewards points that can be used for free play or other gifts.

Like the live casino, the online casino is tracking every thing that you do when you log into your account. They have an easier job of doing this because everything is captured by their digital system. Another way that online casinos reward their players is by giving them a bonus on their first deposit. This can be a matching amount, and some casinos also provide up to a 200% matching bonus or more for players that make a large deposit.

Sometimes an online casino that is affiliated with a physical property will allow players to win trips to their property by playing games online. This encourages the players to participate in both online and offline gambling, and it is a win-win for the casino.

The Best Casino Loyalty Programs

Let’s now take a look at some of the best casino loyalty programs that are currently available to players.

Total Rewards from Caesars Entertainment has long been one of the best casino loyalty programs. This program allows players to earn points at any of the properties Caesars owns. This means that you can earn loyalty programs at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas or at the Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas. The points that you earn are all placed in one account and may be used at any property.

Total Rewards members can earn points that can be used to purchase gifts, meals, and hotel rooms. They can also earn points that qualify them for free drawings to win prizes like a new car or trips to an exotic location. Membership in Total Rewards is completely free for anyone that visits the casino.

MLife Rewards is the casino loyalty program for players that visit MGM gaming properties. It is similar to the Total Rewards program in that it allows players to earn loyalty points at any MGM property and spend them as they choose. Players are issued a card to use in the MGM slot machines or present to the pit boss.

MLife Rewards also gives players the chance to win trips and prizes. The more that players spend on their favorite games, the more points they earn to spend as they would like.

Miami Club Casino has one of the best rewards programs for online players. All players need to do to join this reward program is to create an account with Miami Club Casino and begin playing their favorite online casino games for real money. Each time they play points are awarded. A minimum of 2,000 rewards credits must be earned before the player is able to cash out the rewards for free cash.

Miami Club Casino has a unique algorithm that makes sure players are accurately rewarded for their casino play. Points are calculated on an hour-to-hour basis and applied directly to the player’s account.

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