✔️ USA Players Welcome
✔️ USA Players Welcome

Online blackjack has made it possible for more players to pursue a career in professional blackjack. With a computer, phone, or tablet, an Internet connection, and the skill required to succeed, you might be able to make a living at the game. No one said it would be easy. You should consider these 10 tips for playing online blackjack for a living.

Before we share the tips, let’s make it clear that discipline is the primary weapon of the stay-at-home blackjack player. You have no one to watch over your shoulder and make sure that you properly manage your play. Get focused, stick to a plan, and use these tips to win.

1 – Choose the Right Online Casino

There are many online casinos available to the blackjack player. Quite a few of them are willing to accept players from the US. The bottom line is that you have choices when it comes to where you will play online blackjack for a living. Choose wisely.

We recommend many online casinos and provide detailed reviews. When checking out online casinos on your own, there are a few things to consider. What type of bonus does the online casino offer? What blackjack games are available? Is there live dealer blackjack? The answers to all of these questions will factor into your decision.

2 – Choose the Right Online Blackjack Game

The people who play online blackjack for a living generally stick to two variations of the game. The first is the standard virtual version. The other is a live dealer version of the game. These two types of online blackjack are probably going to give you the best chance to win in the long run.

A live dealer game would be preferred. More online casinos are offering these types of games today. In this version a live dealer deals the game from a studio in real time. Real cards and a real shoe are used. What does this mean for the player? It could mean that card counting is back in play as a blackjack weapon. If a shoe is being used with multiple decks, and there is deck penetration, you should be able to use card counting. That is a big advantage.

Staying away from the gimmick blackjack games with side bets is very important if you want to win consistently. Side bets are a fun diversion, but they are not your friend.

3 – Limit Your Playing Time to a Number of Hours

The idea of being able to play blackjack at home may be conjuring up images in your head of entire days and nights spent at the virtual blackjack table. Playing online blackjack for a living is rarely done this way. The successful players limit the number of hours they play, and they are also conscious of win rates.

A win rate is what you are able to clear per hour when playing a gambling game like blackjack or poker. If you are going to approach blackjack game like a job then you have to think about it in terms of an hourly rate. You need to be making enough money per hour to justify the effort that you are putting in. Just because you play more hours doesn’t mean that you will win more in the long run. It could mean that you will lose faster and more.

4 – Never Play When Tired

This rule sort of follows the previous one. Don’t attempt to play online blackjack or any other gambling game when you are tired. This is when you are more likely to make poor decisions. Poor decisions at blackjack cost you money.

Blackjack is different that many types of other gambling games because it requires you to use skill and strategy. On each hand you are allowed to make decisions that can have an affect on the outcome of the game. Fatigue can often affect the way your brain processes information. Your play may become loose and risky. You may start chasing new profit goals when you have already met the ones you established.

A good break for rest and sleep is the professional online blackjack player’s friend.

5 – Take Care of Your Eyes

Looking at your phone or computer screen for many hours on end can be very tiring on your eyes. That strain can lead to headaches and other issues. Repetitive eye strain can ever cause permanent damage to your vision.

There are glasses made today that help to remove certain harmful rays or reduce the glare that comes from staring at electronic screens. If you don’t want to do that, a break is the best remedy. You can also use lighting in your computer area to make sure the surface of the screen is illuminated well.

6 – Avoid Playing Multiple Hands When Losing

Online blackjack is much like the live version of the game. You can play more than one hand if you choose to do so. In a live game there would need to be open spots at the table. In the online version of the game there are always spots available at the table. That’s why it is so tempting to play more than one hand.

If you are on a hot streak, play as many hands as you like. If you are losing, stay away from the extra hands. The reason is pretty simple. No one wants to be playing more than one hand at a cold blackjack table. If a losing streak in progress, your goal should be to get out of that streak as soon as possible. It should not be to play more hands n an effort to catch up. This brings us to our next tip for playing online blackjack for a living.

7 – Stop Trying to Recoup Losses

No one likes a losing streak. You will have them if you play enough online blackjack. They are inevitable. A losing streak can be managed in such a way that you will minimize damage to your bankroll. Sadly, some players think that they have to come out ahead in a single session and recoup their losses at any cost.

When you try to recoup losses in blackjack you begin to abandon basic blackjack strategy. You start to make poor decisions. You begin to gamble. Gambling is not the way to be a winner in blackjack. If you want to gamble, play bingo instead.

Walk away when you are behind. That is very hard to do for many online blackjack players. If you cut your losses, the money that you save is just as good as a win. There is no promise that a cold table will turn around.

8 – Use Your VIP Rewards for Free Cash

There are quite a few online casinos that will give you free cash when you earn VIP rewards points. These are points that you are given when you play frequently at a certain casino. Most online casinos will enroll you in their rewards program automatically when you sign up for an account.

Depending on how often you play online blackjack, your rewards points could accumulate at a rapid pace. You should always check your balance when you log into your account to play.

9 – Pick a Betting System and Stick With It

Here at Counting Edge we have detailed many different betting systems that are useful to the online blackjack player. All you need to do is pick one, practice it, and put in into play. Betting systems are types of money management that you can use when playing online blackjack for a living. You should never attempt to play without some type of betting plan. This is especially true if you are not able to count cards.

A betting system or progression will let you know when to raise your bets and when to lower them. It will also help you to define win goals and keep you on track when pursuing your blackjack profits.

10 – Manage Your Environment

Finally, you have to be successful at managing your environment if you are going to play blackjack online for a living. Many players find that the best practice is to create a place in their home where they can play without being disturbed.

Limiting your consumption of alcohol and certain other substances is also a good idea. You may think these things will relax you. The truth is that they will only cause you to make poor choices at online blackjack.

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