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At Counting Edge we know players have to be careful when playing blackjack online for real money. That’s why we are always on the lookout for rogue casinos online. Blacklisted online casinos should be avoided by the player at all costs to avoid loss.

From outright theft of player deposits to cheating, some online casinos are dangerous. Here’s a closer look at how a casino lands on our naughty list and how you can avoid being scammed. to play blackjack online safely, pick the ones we list on the site, scam free.

About Blacklisted Online Casinos

A blacklisted online casino is one that has been deemed rogue. By that we mean that there are various issues which indicate the casino could be a fraud or a scam. The casinos in this category are grouped together to help players know which sites to avoid. This is the online casino blacklist.

There are thousands of online casinos to choose from. In a perfect world all of them would be good choices. There are many which get the highest ratings and offer a fair experience to the player. There are also those which are outright scams.

Trustworthy casinos are worthy of your support. They are licensed by gaming authorities and monitored. Scam casinos often claim to be licensed but are not. They can also appear overnight it seems, and vanish just as quickly with your hard-earned money.

Not all blacklisted online casinos are brazen enough to engage in pure theft. Some of them just put up roadblocks when you try to make withdrawals. Others may rig their games in the casino’s favor. One thing is for sure. Once you have been bitten by a rogue casino you will not forget the experience. Some players have lost thousands of dollars.

There is some good news. It seems that the overall number of scam blacklisted online casinos is dropping. This could be because the US is expanding legal casino markets in many states. It could also be because players are getting better at spotting bad online casinos.

Why Counting Edge Blacklists Some Blackjack Casinos Online

Our mission at Counting Edge is twofold. First, we provide information on playing blackjack successfully for a profit. Second, we recommend online casinos that are good for the player. A part of our job is to keep players away from blacklisted online casinos.

If an online casino is aboveboard and fair, it has nothing to worry about from us. If not, we may add it to our blacklist. Our reputation is important, and we don’t want to be associated with any online casinos that are engaged in shady efforts.

If we looked the other way, players would no longer trust us and our information. We have to protect our own reputation at all costs. We surely won’t sacrifice it to recommend an online casino that is known to be a scam.

Reasons for Blacklisting – Red Flags for Online Casinos

Online casinos are not blacklisted without cause. When this happens it is because the casino has presented red flags. Here are a few different reasons that an online casino could find itself on a list of scam sites.

Payment issues are the most common reason for blacklisting. When players are not paid in a timely manner for their winnings, this usually means the casino is a scam. Yes, all casinos can have issues from time to time. But this should be the exception and not the rule.

The way casinos engage in this type of behavior can vary. They can outright deny the withdrawal request and close the player’s account. Inquiries to customer service could go unanswered or allegations of cheating could be raised. This usually happens when the player scores a big win.

Another issue with payment is the delay tactic. This is usually reserved for smaller payouts. The online casino will make the player jump through various hoops until they become frustrated and give up on receiving the money that they have won.

Claiming that there was a malfunction in the gaming software is another favorite way to scam players. All online casinos, and even live casinos, have terms and conditions which allow wins to be vacated if there is a malfunction in software.

A problem with licensing is another reason that some online casinos get blacklisted. It is always important to make sure the online casino you choose has been licensed and is regulated by a proper gaming authority.

We always suggest that you stick with casinos that have been licensed and regulated in your own country. The problem tends to occur when dealing with offshore online casinos.

There are other factors which come into play when a casino is blacklisted. These can include:

  • Selling player information
  • Misleading bonus offers
  • Rigged games
  • Frequent changing of the terms and conditions

How to Spot a Rogue Online Casino

The best way for you to spot one of these online rogue casinos is to look for any of the red flags that we have mentioned above. Another reliable way is to consider unbiased reviews that have been posted by players or trusted gambling sites.

If there is no transparency about the ownership of an online casino, you should beware. This could mean that the casino is a scam. There should always be multiple ways for you to contact customer service when a problem arises. You should be able to reach someone through live chat, email, or by phone. A casino with few customer service options is one that may be a scam.

You can also sometimes spot a rogue online casino by looking at the overall appearance of the website. If it looks like it was built by an amateur, beware. A legit casino should also have partnerships with the large software developers that make most of the online casino games.

The Risk of Playing at a Blacklisted Online Casino

The obvious risk of playing at an online casino that has been blacklisted is losing the money that you have deposited. For some players this means a loss of thousands. That alone could be damaging and make you never want to play at an online casino again. But there are also other risks.

You may also risk being hacked or having your data stolen. Some casinos that have been blacklisted do not use the proper security protocols when it comes to safeguarding payment information and other player data. The cost of being hacked could be much higher than the amount of money you lose directly.

A bad experience in any of these things will probably be enough to sour you on the online gaming experience forever.

How Casinos Are Removed From Blacklisting

Once an online casino has received that black mark of shame it is very difficult to remove it. A casino would likely have to endure years of proving itself before it could be considered for a new review. By that time the players would have left, never to return. It is a rare thing for a casino to be removed from blacklisting.

In some rare cases a casino might regain a good reputation. It would probably need new owners, and it would have to offer proof of its licensing. There would need to be many thorough reviews with no issues before a removal is considered.

Online Blacklisting Casino FAQ

Here are a few questions that we receive from time to time about blacklisted online casinos.

What does it mean to be blacklisted?

A blacklisted online casino is one that has been identified as a potential scam. It means that legitimate online casino review sites and other sites will not associate with that casino.

I changed my mind. Can I get my money back?

We wish you luck in this endeavor. The sad reality is that you have probably lost whatever you have deposited. The best course of action is to use due diligence next time and choose one of our recommended online casinos.

Can I make a legal complaint?

There is very little recourse here. Most blacklisted casinos are not licensed and operate outside the law. Agencies have little time to pursue many of these sites which can simply disappear.

Will the online casino be charged with fraud?

It is unlikely. Most of these casinos simply cease operations when their scam is threatened.

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