Illinois online casinosThe emergence of Illinois online casinos has been difficult. While the state has moved forward with other types of online betting, online casino gambling is still in development at this writing. One thing is clear. Illinois seems bent on making online gambling legal in many forms.

This should not come as a large surprise. There are at least ten land-based casinos in the state already. Sports betting has been legalized in the wake of the PASPA gambling legislation. The state even approved some video gaming terminals to be placed in truck stops and other locations.

It looks like 2022-2023 could see the arrival of the first Illinois online casinos. Until then, there are offshore casino options that the player can use. Blackjack players will be happy to know that there are plenty of gaming opportunities for Illinois residents.

About Online Casinos in Illinois

The Gambling Act of 2019 was meant to open the door to legalized online Illinois casinos. As we have seen in other states, progress in implementing these laws can be very slow. It is one thing to pass the law. It is quite another to hammer out how revenues will be collected and how platforms will be built.

Those who look forward to online betting in Illinois should not have much longer to wait. Many states have now realized the benefit of making gambling legal in many forms. The revenues that are generated by online casinos can be used to support valuable state programs such as education.

A good sign is that a majority of state lawmakers have gone on the record in support of Illinois online casinos. There is cooperation among lawmakers to bring this to pass.

Things to Look For in the Best Illinois Online Casinos

Right now the option for Illinois players is an offshore online casino. There are many casinos which allow US players. We have reviews for several. Once the state is able to offer its own online casinos we will review some of those also. In our reviews we look for common features that reputable online casinos possess.

You should always begin with a check of the online casino’s reputation. Don’t expect to find an Illinois online casino that has no complaints. Instead look for one that works to resolve player issues quickly. You want to see a casino that works hard to keep it customers happy.

Once the state has legalized online gambling it is likely that the very first online casinos in Illinois will be associated with land-based gaming companies. This will make it much easier for you to research a casino’s reputation and decide if you want to play there.

The best online casinos are those with the most games! We don’t just mean blackjack. Our Counting Edge readers also like to play other types of games. You should choose a casino with a good mix of table games and slot machines.

The customer service information for the online casino should be available, and response times should not exceed 24 hours. The best casinos are those which offer live support that can be accessed 24/7.

Players today are fond of casino bonuses and loyalty programs. The casino that you choose should have both. The casinos are not hesitant to compete with one another when it comes to giving players bonuses. Most bonuses are given in the form of a match for your first real money deposit.

A final consideration would be the availability of an app for Android and iOS devices. Most players today prefer to gamble online with a mobile device. Phones and tablets are much more convenient methods for the modern player.

Different Types of Gambling in Illinois

Gambling itself is nothing new in Illinois. There have been land-based casinos in the state for many years now. These casinos are just like the ones that you would find in Las Vegas and Atlantic City. More about those in a moment.

Another form of gambling that has long been popular in Illinois is horse racing betting. Many popular race tracks have been located in the state. These include Hawthorne Racecourse and Arlington Park. Some have closed now, but the residents of the state still love to bet horses in Illinois with horse racing betting sites.

With such a vibrant local sports market it should come as no surprise that online sports betting in Illinois has gotten off to a strong start. This should serve as an example to the state of how profitable it can be to legalize online casinos.

Land-based Illinois Casino Laws

The land-based casinos in Illinois are overseen and regulated by the Illinois Gaming Board.  This organization issues licenses and determines the laws for all live casinos. In some areas of the state the casinos must be located on riverboats. In other areas they can be placed on land.

Players at live casinos in Illinois are required to be 21 years of age to enter and gamble. The same is true for online sports betting.

Illinois Online Casino Laws

The Illinois Gaming Board will also be the committee that determines the Illinois online casino laws. At the present time we can only speculate what those will be. However, the path that other states have taken is able to shed some light on how Illinois will proceed.

Players will be required to be 21 years of age or older to play. They will also need to be physically located in the state. They will not necessarily need to be a resident, but must be within state borders to log in and play games.

Online casinos in Illinois will use gatekeeping software to prevent unauthorized access to the sites by those who are out of state.

Illinois Online Casinos FAQ

Here are some common questions we are asked about Illinois online gambling.

Is online casino gambling allowed in Illinois?

At the time this article was prepared, Illinois online casinos were still not allowed by the state.

Can I play blackjack and other online casino games at offshore casinos if I live in Illinois?

Yes! There are some online offshore casinos for Illinois residents. We have recommended a few of these that accept US Players.

When will online casinos in Illinois be legal?

It appears that Illinois stands ready to have legalized online casinos in place by 2023. This is subject to change at the discretion of state lawmakers.

Do I have to pay taxes on my online gambling winnings in Illinois?

It depends on how much you win or lose in most cases. Just remember that gambling losses can sometimes be deducted if you are required to pay taxes on winnings. This is a subject to discuss with your tax professional.

Do offshore Illinois online casinos give bonus money to players?

Some offshore online casinos give very generous bonuses. Always compare to find the best bonus offers.

The Best Online Casinos for Illinois

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