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It is exciting to play blackjack in an online casino. Before you decide to deposit your hard earned money, however, you should do some homework. One of the best ways to determine if an online casino is a good choice is by reading online blackjack reviews. But not all of these reviews are created equal. Here is an introduction to these reviews and some thoughts on what you should be looking for.

What Are Online Blackjack Reviews?

Online blackjack reviews are detailed examinations of the blackjack games offered by a specific online casino. These reviews are performed by many websites and exist to help you decide which online casino is best for you. At Counting Edge we regularly review casinos to help you make a good decision.

A review will typically contain many elements. It will provide some insight into the company which owns the online casino, discuss which blackjack games are offered, and give you information about the methods of deposit. Reviews will also tell you how reputable the casino is in terms of withdrawals.

For full disclosure you should know that some websites including Counting Edge have an affiliate relationship with some casinos they review. In our case we strive to provide an accurate and unbiased review even when the casino in question is our affiliate. We give you all the information we have, good or bad.

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What Makes a Good Review?

You have likely encountered some websites that promise a review only to deliver a promotion for an online casino. These types of reviews are basically worthless and do not aid you in your quest to find the best place to play. Several elements go into making a good review of an online blackjack casino.

First, someone at the website making the review should have actually played at the casino. There is no real way to know how an online casino operates unless you have played there. The reviewer should have tested all aspects including deposits, withdrawals, game play, and customer service.

A good blackjack review will also examine all of the games that are available. It should tell you which software company develops the games. There should be plenty of information given about the different variations of the game which are available. Side bets should be discussed and you should also be given an overall feel for how the software flows.

Does the review tell you all of the platforms that are supported by the online casino? It should tell you if the casino has mobile versions of its software. It should provide you with contact information for the casino so that you can reach out to customer service for your own answers.

First and foremost, an online blackjack review should be honest. Be wary of reviews that do not offer any mention of negatives. Almost every online casino will have areas in which they can improve their offerings. The review should not be afraid to mention these shortcomings. If you happen upon a review that is all wine and roses, beware. It is more likely a subtle promotion for an online casino.

How to Use Blackjack Reviews

The best way to use a review from a blackjack website is to take into consideration the big picture it provides. A good review should help you determine if you want to play at an online casino or not. One specific way that you can use these reviews is to determine which online casinos offer the best bonuses for new players.

A review should tell you how much bonus money is being offered to new players and also provide you with the details you need to claim the bonus. There should be a listing of the codes required if there are any. You will also want your review to address the playthrough policy of the online casino. It should tell you how much money you will be required to wager before you can withdraw your bonus money.

Another way you can use these reviews is to determine whether or not a casino accepts players from the United States. The review should tell you this up front. Many people in the United States want to play blackjack online but there are only a few casinos which permit U.S. residents to play.

You can use the review to also decide if the deposit options provided by the casino meet your needs. Right now there is a growing movement among online casinos toward the acceptance of cryptocurrency as a form of deposit. The review should tell you if Bitcoin or other digital coins are accepted. This will help you choose the right place to play.

Finally, take the time to read multiple reviews if you can. One of the best things you can encounter is an online casino which has garnered favorable reviews from more than one website. We always recommend that you begin your research here at Counting Edge. Why? Because we read many reviews of an online casino before we post our own for you to read.

Are you ready to play blackjack online? Check out our reviews and then create your account today. We will show you the casinos with the best bonuses and platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up and you can be playing blackjack for real money just minutes from now.

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