If you are asking yourself, “How Can I Play Blackjack for Free?” Below you will find 2 free blackjack games that you can play for fun only. To play blackjack for real money you can visit one of the casinos listed on the site otherwise enjoy the games below for blackjack for fun Online. They also have free games with limited pretend money.

Also, I came across Zone Online Casino & rdr2 Blackjack the other day, you may enjoy them if you are not interested in depositing any money at the casinos.

Both of the games below can be played on the iPhone, Android phone, Tablets and also on you personal computer. After clicking the Blackjack game images below, the free blackjack game will load.  I have been testing them and prefer the first one as it loads much better on a smartphone. In my case the Android S10.

Enjoy & share feedback on the game below

Those 2 blackjack games above are nice but I have something better that i would like to add to the site but i need you to drop me a message below and let me know if the ones above are good enough or you would like something better!

It would be 100% free game, Provably fair, Blackjack pays 3 to 2, Regular win pays 2 to 1, Insurance pays 2 to 1. Ability to double the initial bet & the Ability to split the hand. Also considering adding games other than just blackjack. Also you would login and it would save all your free play history. So just like a real casino but free and best of all game play is Provably fair.

So, yea would love to hear opinions! Click here.

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  • Jerry ManderAugust 10, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    Is one of these games closer to real casino action than the other? I’m interested why I can play either and come up with a few hundred in winnings (I can do it at home with my own 6 deck shoe also), yet sit down at a casino table and burn out my bank in 15 or 20 mins 🙁 On either, it would be fun to display the current count somewhere on the board and compare it to what is in my head 🙂

  • countingedgeAugust 13, 2016 at 4:19 pm

    Thank you for your comment Jerry! You can practice card counting on this page https://www.countingedge.com/blackjack-card-counting-trainer/ The 2 casino games listed above are just available for providing variety. One has an option to disable auto card shuffle after each hand is drawn.


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