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✔️ USA Players Welcome

There has been some controversy lately about cheating when it comes to online and live blackjack. It seems that the actual cases of players being caught and accused of cheating is rare when you realize how many hands of blackjack are played throughout the world every day. Still, it does happen.

As long as there have been games for gambling there have been individuals that try to figure out how to cheat on them. Some of these efforts are successful. Most fail. Here are 4 ways that players have tried to cheat at online and live blackjack.

1 – Software Hacks for Online Blackjack

If you have been following the news lately you know that some online poker rooms have come under fire for cheating scandals. These scandals appear to have involved a software hack that allows players to enter a type of God mode when they are playing cards online for real money.

In the hack players are able to see the hold cards of other players. In the case of blackjack they would be able to see the hole cards of the dealer. As you might conclude, this is a big advantage for the player. It could help them make decisions about whether to stand, hit, split, or double down their hand.

There are now measures being taken by online casinos which will eliminate this type of cheating. You should only play at online casinos which are regulated and licensed by a legitimate gaming commissions.

2 – Past Posting

In the case of live blackjack a popular form of cheating at blackjack is called past posting. This is the act of adding chips to the player’s original bet once the hand has been decided. It may sound impossible to pull off, but shady gamblers have been doing it for years with varying degrees of success.

Here is the basics of how past posting works. The player makes a bet to start the hand. It is usually just a little bit more than the table minimum. Once the cards have been dealt the player plays out the hand as normal, hoping that the dealer will have to take cards as required by the rules of blackjack.

If the dealer busts, the player will then make an effort to slyly add chips to the original stack before they are paid. The dealer is sometimes caught unawares and pays the player for the illegitimate bet. Many measures have been taken today to prevent past posting. Players should also remember that they are being watched by the eye in the sky at a live casino. Getting caught will likely lead to harsh criminal penalties.

3 – Trying to Mark Playing Cards

Another way that some blackjack players try to cheat when they are playing live is to mark the playing cards that are being used in the game. This was far more common in the days when single or double deck blackjack was the standard for live games. Today, most live blackjack games are conducted from a shoe which can hold 6-8 decks. The players are not allowed to touch the cards in this type of play.

Phil Ivey, the famous poker player, made big headlines for engaging in something known as edge sorting while playing baccarat. In edge sorting the player looks for anomalies in how the playing cards are printed. This information is then used to identify certain cards that are not visible to the player.

Ivey was ultimately caught and charged with cheating for his efforts. He has managed to evade any jail time for his cheating but has been forced to repay the casinos much of the money he won using this technique.

Games where players are allowed to handle the cards are becoming more and more rare. We suppose there is still a possibility of marking cards in this scenario. Dealers are better trained today and will be able to spot most of the marking attempts by blackjack cheats.

4 – Counting Cards? Not So Fast

One of the most frequent questions that we are asked at Counting Edge involves the legality of card counting. Is it illegal to count cards in a live or an online casino? Is it cheating to count cards at blackjack? The answer to both questions is no.

The casinos may not like card counting. They may even be able to kick you out of the casino if you are suspected of being a counter. But card counting has survived many challenges in the legal system of the United States and in other courts around the world.

You have to keep in mind that live casinos are essentially private clubs. The casino can allow you to come in or it can ban you at its discretion. If this happens there will be little that you can do to change the situation. The bottom line? Don’t get caught counting cards at blackjack.

Our own view is that cheating at online blackjack or in a live casino is not worth it. Our entire website exists to show you that blackjack is game which can be beaten. If that is the case, why would you want to take the risk of cheating? Some people are always looking for an easy way out.

Sign up today with one of our recommended online casinos and you can receive free casino bonus money to try out the blackjack games. You won’t even have to cheat to get it! Play right from home with your computer, phone, or tablet. You can also if you choose, just play blackjack for free online here at CountingEdge.

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