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Of all the questions we are asked, one stands tall. Do the online casinos cheat? This is what people really want to know before they decide to deposit their money. The answer to the question is not as simple as one might think.

We will tell you that our site only recommends online casinos that have a good reputation. It would be wrong to suggest that there are not illicit online casinos. We suggest that you always do your own research before you decide to play casino games for real money online.

Online Casinos Don’t Need to Cheat

Do casinos cheat? Let’s establish this right away. Online casinos do not need to cheat to stay in business. Online gambling games have a built-in advantage for the house. This means that the house is going to win in the long run. All it needs to do is attract a steady stream of players that are willing to bet real money.

The way online casinos attract those new players is by offering bonuses and other promotions. They also keep their good players by treating them with fairness. All of this has worked very well. Not just for the online casinos but for live casinos also.

An online casino operation doesn’t run on autopilot. It still requires those who are able to maintain the sites and make sure there are no glitches in the software. But as far as the games are concerned, they do not need to be rigged in order for a casino to make a profit.

Online Casinos Are Regulated

Another deterrent for online casinos when it comes to cheating is regulation. Most online casinos today operate under the supervision of a gaming commission. This is true for online casinos that are based offshore, and it is true for the emerging online casino market in the United States.

The job of a gaming commission is pretty simple. It establishes the regulations by which an online casino must operate. The commission is allowed to inspect the operations of an online casino when it sees fit. Casinos that do not remain in compliance with the established policies are at risk of losing their casino license.

The regulators also perform checks on the software used to provide the online casino games. It must be what is known as provably fair in many cases. This means that the results of the online casino games are made available for review. This review can demonstrate the randomness of game results to show that all players are treated fairly.

As each year passes there are more methods developed to make sure than an online casino does not cheat its players. Regulators grow more educated and informed in their ability to detect cheaters.

There Are Bad Apples

Do the online casinos cheat? It would be wrong to suggest that cheating has not happened in the past or that it will not happen again. One only needs to look as far as the online poker room scandals that have led to arrests and site closures.

As recent as April of 2022 it was alleged that some high roller online poker players were cheating. We stress that all those accused of such behavior are entitled to a defense and the presumption of innocence until otherwise proven guilty. These allegations are just the most recent to rock the online poker community.

In the case of online poker the cheating has usually involved some players being able to see the hole cards of other players. This is due to exploits of the software that is used to run the online poker games.

Anytime that software is involved there is the potential of cheating taking place. Yes, some online casinos have cheated players in some cases. The way that they go about cheating may not be the way that you would expect.

How Some Online Casinos Cheat

If we were going to define online cheating in a very broad sense, we could say it is any attempt to steal player money. There are some casinos that do not bother with cheating at the games. They just refuse to pay out players who win.

When a player wins a large jackpot the online casinos will just claim that some malfunction occurred. Or they will make the player jump through hoops to collect their winnings. They may eventually just ban the player and even claim that it was the player who cheated!

Of course, there are the more common methods of cheating to deal with. This would mean altering the outcome of games or using software that is not fair and regulated.

Thankfully, there are measures you can take against this type of cheating.

Ways to Protect Against Online Gambling Cheating

If you are concerned about online casinos cheating, there are ways to protect yourself. The first of these would be to only deal with online casinos that are regulated. Another way is to read the reviews that we have provided of online casinos.

A good online casino review will address the good and the bad. It will tell you where the casino has had issues in the past. It will also tell you where the online casino excels above others.

Do the online casinos cheat? This is a question best answered by your own research. Take your time and choose wisely! You can read the Casino Max review, Miami Club review , High Country casino review, Cherry Jackpot casino review, or Roaring 21 review to name a few.

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