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Of all the games to play in a live or online casino, blackjack remains the most popular. Winning at blackjack is a real possibility when you stick to some proven tips from the pros. Real blackjack demands that you master a few skills, have some discipline, and perhaps learn how to count cards. It is work, but the payoff can be generous.

These tips to win money playing real blackjack are presented with the beginning player in mind. Before you send us an ugly email, know that we understand these basic tips are just a start. As you become more familiar with the game you will expand upon your blackjack knowledge. That’s when you can start to apply strategies that are specific to every situation.

Three Keys to Real Blackjack Success

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Everyone that decides to open an account with an online casino or make the trip to a live casino for blackjack needs to know that there are three keys to winning at blackjack. No matter who you are, or how long you have been playing, these keys apply.

The first is that you must know the rules of the blackjack game that you are about to play. Blackjack is a game that is governed by very specific rules. These rules are actually what makes the game beatable. The basic rules are the same in every casino. You must make total closer to 21 than the dealer without going over.

Some casinos offer Las Vegas style blackjack. Others offer Atlantic City rules. You will pick up these differences as you go, but the rules are always there. Learn them if you want to start winning at blackjack.

Next, you must be able to mitigate the house edge. Blackjack has one of the lowest house advantages of any game in the casino. You have to make it even lower through the use of basic blackjack strategy. Real blackjack rewards those who can almost totally eliminate the house edge.

Finally, you will need to comprehend the decisions that can be made by the player in the game of blackjack. On any given hand you are allowed to hit or stand. Sometimes you are also allowed to double, split, or take insurance. In rare cases you could also be allowed to surrender. You need to know what all of these actions are and how and when to make them.

Now that we have the basic steps to winning at blackjack covered, let’s look at 7 winning blackjack tips that new players can use right away. We can’t guarantee that these tips will make you a winner immediately, but what we can say is they will improve your chances.

Understand That Blackjack is a Game of Streaks

Before you play the first hand at an online casino, you need to know that blackjack is a game of streaks. You can lose many hands in a row, and you can win many hands in a row. The professionals in the game call this variance, and there is only one effective way to counter it.

You need to have a proper bankroll before you decide to play online real blackjack for real money. The appropriate bankroll is 50X the minimum bet that you will be making. If you are playing for $1 per hand online, you need $50 to begin. If the table minimum is $5, your bankroll should be $250. This will give you the best chance to overcome any bad streaks that you may encounter.

Take Advantage of Online Casino Bonuses and Promotions

A big attraction of many online casinos today are bonuses. These promotions are most often offered to new players who have not previously made a deposit. You can sometimes receive $1,000 or more when you claim a welcome bonus from an online casino.

If you are one of those people who still prefer to play in a live casino, you can register for a player’s card and start earning comps. These benefits add up, and they may allow you to add money to your blackjack bankroll. If you do not use them, you are leaving free money on the table.

Just be sure to pay attention to the bonus codes that you may need to enter when you sign up. You may not be allowed to put them in after you register if you forget.

Never Discard Basic Blackjack Strategy

Basic blackjack strategy is called that for a reason. It is the basic approach that you need for consistent winning at blackjack. If you abandon it, there is very little chance that you will win. There may be times when it seems that your hunches about how to act on a hand make sense. Resist them. Skill wins at blackjack, not luck.

The development of basic blackjack strategy has taken many years. It is the product of the brightest minds to play the game. The best part about basic strategy is that it works. Nothing else has quite as much power to reduce the house edge against you except for card counting.

Always Double a Total of 11

We know that some of the real blackjack experts out there are going to raise questions here. There may be times when an expert card counter will not double an 11, but the beginner should stick with the basics. Always double down the 11 when you receive it. In most cases, it is a gift from the blackjack gods.

Why should you always double down an 11? Because the chances are usually pretty good that you will receive a ten on the 11 for a 21. Yes, sometimes you will lose. But you should win often enough to justify the bet.

Doubling down is the only opportunity that you have in blackjack to get more money in the pot when you have the best of it. Take advantage of that opportunity.

Always Split Aces and 8s

Even those who are new to the game of blackjack know this rule of winning. Winning at blackjack means always splitting aces and 8s. Yes, there are exceptions to the rule. As a beginner you need to stick the basic principles, and this is one of them.

Splitting aces and 8s is done for simple reasons that are easy to understand. When you split a pair of aces you are getting a chance to hit a ten on both aces for a 21. You won’t be paid for a blackjack, but you will still be paid for a winning hand if the dealer does not make 21. When you split a pair of 8s you are ditching the worst starting total in all of blackjack – the dreaded 16.

Let the pros decide when to change it up, and stick with this very basic play in real blackjack. You will make money in most cases.

Learn How to Count Cards

As your skill at the game of blackjack begins to improve, you will need to learn how to count cards. This is the skill that will take your game to the next level. Some of you may be nervous about learning how to count cards. Don’t be. We have many simple methods of card counting that you can learn on our site.

We would recommend that you begin with the most basic card counting systems and then slowly advance to more sophisticated methods. Practice at home with every opportunity. You can also use the free blackjack games that are offered by many online casinos to hone your skills without risking any money.

Never Split 10s or 5s

A final tip for winning at blackjack is to never split 10s or 5s. This may seem like common sense, and it is, but many players tend to break this rule in the heat of battle. Always remember that a pair of 10s is a total of 20. That is a winner in almost every case. A pair of 5s gives you a 10. You should either hit that hand or double down.

Winning at blackjack is an art that can take a lifetime to master. But if you use these real blackjack winning tips, you can begin to improve your chances immediately.

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