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Gambling luck and using lucky charms is nothing new for many players all over the world be it ones who play blackjack or slot or anything in between. Who can resist the thought of a little help from the gambling gods? It surely couldn’t hurt to keep a rabbit’s foot or a lucky pair of socks handy if you want to win money at an online casino playing blackjack.

No matter how you feel about the subject, here is a guide to gambling luck. You may decide that adding a few lucky charms to your wallet seems to improve your chances at online blackjack or craps.

Why Do People Use Lucky Charms at Gambling?

This is a simple question to answer. They use them because they believe charms can bring riches. It all comes down to how these lucky charms make the player feel when they are in the casino.

Most gamblers know that they are in for a hard time when they decide to go out and gamble. They understand that the house an edge that is difficult to overcome. Some gamblers look to negate this edge with skill. Others seek to erase it with gambling luck and using lucky charms.

If we look farther into someone’s history there is often a psychological reason for carrying a four leaf clover or wearing a favorite gambling hat. It can sometimes come down to an early gambling experience.

The Psychology of Gambling Luck

This is how the brain works when it comes to lucky charms and gambling. Let’s say that you are visiting a casino for the very first time. It just so happens that you were wearing a blue shirt that day. As things turned out, you were a big winner.

Your mind begins to look for things to associate with your win. You naturally want to be able to duplicate this event again. An association is created between the blue shirt and success at gambling. Every time that you go, you will want to wear that specific piece of clothing.

If this sounds far fetched, think again. Michael Jordan was known to wear his shorts that he used in college throughout his whole professional basketball career. These kinds of things are when gambling luck begins to blend over into what we call superstition.

Superstition in Gambling

Is superstition in gambling the same as gambling luck? Somewhat. A superstition is a belief that something is likely to happen again when certain conditions are repeated. This accounts for the wearing of the blue shirt that we mentioned.

There are as many gambling superstitions as there are gamblers. Some gamblers may only bet on gray race horses when it rains. Some may only split 8s at the blackjack table on a Tuesday. There is no real rhyme or reason behind superstitions and how they are developed. It is a unique experience for each gambler.

When it comes to superstition, don’t discount whatever works for you. Your mental outlook may be affected if you neglect these things. Going against a superstition can put you in a negative frame of mind and affect the way that you play online casino games for money.

Do Lucky Charms Work at Gambling?

Of course this is what everyone wants to know.  How to get luck in gambling? Is there any truth to gambling luck and using lucky charms? It all depends on the belief invested by the gambler.

There are plenty of gamblers who are happy to show you detailed records they have kept of their gambling sessions. They seem to demonstrate that higher profits are achieved when a lucky charm is used. Of course, the opposite is also true. Many studies have been conducted to disprove a connection between lucky charms and gambling success.

What we know for certain is this. To those that believe in the power of gambling luck, no effort to convince them otherwise will be successful. They are going to cling to the power invested in their lucky gambling charms whether it is real or not.

What is the harm in this? If someone is more comfortable when they have a lucky charm close at hand at the gambling table, good for them.

Beginner’s Luck?

Now, what about the phenomenon known as beginner’s luck? Is this really a thing? Some studies seem to support the notion.

There are even some scientists who believe that individuals can learn to reproduce beginner’s luck at will. The entire concept comes down to something that is known as cognitive bias. There is a difference between superstition and mere cognitive bias.

There are some people who seem to have been successful the first time they tried something. Most of the recorded cases include an amateur being able to best a professional at a certain skill or sport with no previous training.

Our knowledge of the subject is not enough to declare the phenomenon real or false. But we can sure say that you should take advantage of it when it appears to be happening to you. If you are having a good run of luck as you play a game for the very first time, ride the train until it reaches the end of the station!

Popular Lucky Charms for Gambling

Over the years there are a few lucky charms that have become prominent. These charms seem to get more attention than the others. You could make an argument that they are popular because they have been shown to produce results. Here’s a look at some popular lucky charms.

The Rabbit’s Foot

Belief in the rabbit’s foot for good luck is thought to have originated with tribes that worshiped hares as deities. They carried various parts of the rabbit for good luck. The foot was considered to be particularly lucky as a fertility charm.

The Horseshoe

It is thought that the 8th century Chaldeans revered the crescent shape of the horseshoe. It is said to have reminded them of the moon goddesses they worshiped. Horseshoes hung in the house for good luck are supposed to be hung with the sides pointing upward to catch and contain good fortune.

Magic Squares

No one can really say how far back these items go. They are usually made up of various numbers or letters in specific arrangements. Magic squares are still developed today and used by gamblers all ovet the world.

Laughing Buddha

The image of the laughing Buddha is frequently seen in businesses and homes of those who practice the Buddhist faith. Sometimes altars are constructed around an icon of the Buddha, and offerings of coins are left on the altar to attract good fortune.

Four Leaf Clover

Few items have become as associated with good luck as the four leaf clover. It is sometimes also linked to the mythical leprechaun and its pot of gold. Try your luck at finding one! It is not as hard as you might imagine.

An Elephant

The elephant with its snout upturned is considered a lucky image in India and other parts of the world. You will sometimes see individuals with jade elephants at the gambling tables in live casinos.

Chinese Good Luck Charms

The Chinese love their gambling games, and they also appreciate gambling charms. From the iconic waving cat to many other images, Asia has often been considered the home of gambling luck and using lucky charms.


  1. How do I choose a gambling lucky charm?
    • Choosing a gambling lucky charm is a personal decision. Some people select items that have cultural or personal significance, while others may choose based on traditional symbols of luck. Ultimately, the charm should have meaning to you and make you feel positive and fortunate.
  2. Can I improve my gambling luck with charms alone?
    • Gambling luck is predominantly influenced by factors like odds, strategy, and randomness. While some individuals may find comfort and confidence in using lucky charms, they should not be relied upon as a primary strategy for winning in gambling. Responsible gambling practices involve understanding the games, managing finances, and setting limits.
  3. Are there any risks to relying on gambling lucky charms?
    • Relying solely on gambling lucky charms can lead to irrational thinking and risky behavior. It’s essential to maintain a balanced perspective on gambling and not let superstitions negatively affect your decision-making.
  4. Can I use gambling lucky charms in online gambling or casinos?
    • Yes, you can certainly use gambling lucky charms in online gambling or casinos if you believe they bring you luck. However, remember that the outcome of casino games is based on chance and skill, so responsible gaming practices should always be a priority.
  5. Do different cultures have unique gambling lucky charms?
    • Yes, different cultures have their own sets of lucky charms and symbols. For example, in Chinese culture, the color red is associated with good luck, while in Western cultures, horseshoes and four-leaf clovers are considered lucky.
  6. Can I make my own gambling lucky charm?
    • Absolutely! Many people create their own gambling lucky charms using items that hold personal significance. Crafting your charm can be a meaningful and fun activity.

Remember that while gambling lucky charms can be fun and comforting, they should not replace responsible gambling practices. Always gamble responsibly, set limits, and seek help if you feel your gambling habits are becoming problematic.


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