Did you know that those who play online blackjack in a live casino can become targets of thieves and attackers? This is especially true when it comes to women. All of our readers might want to consider some type of non-lethal protection when traveling to casinos. A blackjack weapon can be a very good choice.

Prized for its ease of use and portability, the blackjack can still be found behind the door in the homes of single females or in the door of their vehicle. Here’s a closer look at what the weapon is, how it is used, and how it got its name.  YOU CAN SEE THEM ON AMAZON TOO, CLICK HERE

The Blackjack – A Simple and Powerful Weapon

The blackjack is actually an evolution of the baton which has been common to law enforcement since the Victorian era. The baton was eventually adapted to the smaller blackjack which could be carried and concealed more easily.

Blackjacks, or saps as they are sometimes called, come in all different shapes and sizes. They can be flat and oblong, or they can be round and more cylindrical. Some of them have the ability to be deadly when used in a certain fashion, but blackjacks are designed as a non-lethal way to disable an attacker.

The blackjack is a heavy piece of material that is often encased in rubber or leather. It is a blunt weapon meant for striking. Some blackjack weapons have a handle on them which is contoured for the fingers while others do not. The average length of a modern blackjack weapon would be around 12”.

No one really knows for sure how this blunt weapon got its name. It makes sense that the gamblers of the past would have carried one when they traveled about. Some of them would have been more comfortable with a blackjack than with a gun. Maybe that is why people began calling this weapon what they did.

Modern Uses For a Blackjack

The primary use for this blunt weapon that we want to address relates to protection for the gambler. Specifically, the female gambler. Yes, women like to play blackjack and slots just as much as men. A large number of people still travel to the live casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City when they want to get away from things and enjoy gambling.

There are certainly bad people in this world who know this. They look for unsuspecting tourists to rob. They even prey upon those who live in these gambling meccas. Just ask Doyle Brunson, the famous World Series of Poker Champion who has lived in Las Vegas for many years. Doyle and his wife were abducted in their own home and robbed at gunpoint once evening after the poker player left a high stakes game.

People have been accosted in the hallways of hotel rooms or on the way to their vehicles. Some of them have managed to defend themselves with a blackjack weapon. Carrying such a weapon in a purse or on your person may be helpful, but there are some other considerations that you need to understand.

While a blackjack is not an illegal weapon to own in many cases, carrying it in a concealed manner can be. This is especially true if you happen to walk into a casino with a blackjack stuck into your pocket. You should also think about what would happen if your assailant were to somehow engage you in a scuffle and gain control of the weapon.

Let’s be clear. Counting Edge is not a self-defense website. We are not advocating violence here or teaching people how to protect themselves. Our job is to teach blackjack strategy and card counting. We recommend that you seek the advice of a professional defense expert if you want to learn how to use a blackjack or any other method of self-defense.

Stay Safe and Play Blackjack at Home

Here is an idea that may suit you better. Instead of taking risky trips to a live casino, why not stay home and play blackjack? That’s right. You can use a computer or mobile device to access an online casino to play virtual blackjack right from the comfort of your couch.

Think about all of the expenses that you will save when you choose to play blackjack from home. No hotel rooms to rent, no fuel to buy, no meals to purchase. All you need is your bankroll and your online casino account. You can win real money just like you could when you are playing live.

Here’s another perk. You can get free bonus cash when you sign up with many online casinos. Some will match your first deposit to a certain amount dollar-for-dollar while others will give you a small sum just for creating an account. Best of all, no blackjack weapon is required!

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