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It has happened to most blackjack players that we know. The player gets a 19 and stands, thinking they have a good chance to beat the dealer’s 6. A few moments later the player is left to wonder why do blackjack dealers always get 20? The dealer has drawn out again and snatched the player’s victory from the jaws of defeat.

Like many things in life, the reality can be different than the perception. Dealers do seem to get a 20 a lot. Is there a reason that can explain this?

Understanding 10s in Blackjack

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The beginning of understanding how blackjack dealers get a total of 20 so often is to examine the cards that are used in a regular game of blackjack. The game uses one or more standard decks of cards. There are 52 cards in total. Of those 52 cards, 16 of them have a value of 10:

  • 4 – 10s
  • 4 – Jacks
  • 4 – Queens
  • 4 – Kings

This means that there are 36 other cards in the deck with another value ranging from 1-9 and 11:

  • 4 – Aces
  • 4 – 2s
  • 4 – 3s
  • 4 – 4s
  • 4 – 5s
  • 4 – 6s
  • 4 – 7s
  • 4 – 8s
  • 4 – 9s

In a single deck the chances that a ten would appear instead of another specific value is about four times greater. Of course, it is more likely that another value of some kind will appear. But what we are concerned with is the ten appearing instead of a 3, 7, or other individual card.

This only begins to answer why blackjack dealers always get a 20. We also have to factor in the cards that can be added together to make 20. 2-8-10. A-9. 6-7-7. There are a myriad of ways to make a total of 20 in blackjack, and the appearance of this total is common.

We are not going to get into the specifics of probability in this article. That is for an in-depth discussion of blackjack mathematics. What we want to stress is that 20 appears as often in blackjack as it is supposed to appear. No more and no less.

The Frustration of Being Beaten By a Dealer’s 20

Few things are more frustrating than getting a 20 at the blackjack table and then pushing the hand when the dealer shows the same. This is a situation that cannot be avoided. You have to prepare yourself to expect it to happen from time to time.

What you can take comfort in is another statistic. The average winning total in a hand of blackjack is about 18.5. What this means for you is that you will win most of the hands in which you hold a 19 or 20. Getting a 20 is not a reason to be disappointed. It is a reason to celebrate.

Don’t fall into the trap of negative thinking at the blackjack table. Your mental attitude means a lot. If you begin to expect that the dealer will always show a 20, the appearance of that total will seem a lot more common.

The Reality of Drawing Out in Blackjack

Another way that you can frame this experience at the blackjack table is to consider that you can also draw out to beat the dealer when he or she has what looks like a winner. We have all had that experience of drawing on a 16 and getting a 5 when the dealer had a 20. It happens on your side of the equation just as often as it happens to the dealer.

People are strange when it comes to gambling. They have a tendency to believe in the existence of trends and strange superstitions. If they wore a certain pair of socks the last time they played and won, the player is going to wear those socks again.

The same thing happens with a specific dealer who happened to draw out often the last time you played with them. If you are to encounter that person again you will think that the blackjack dealer is always going to get a 20. Every time it comes will only reinforce your opinion.

Why Do Blackjack Dealers Always Get 20? – They Don’t

If you want to get a feel for the actual percentages of blackjack that occur in a regular game, try keeping track of how many 20s the dealer receives the next time that you play. This may be a little bit easier for you to do when you are playing online. Some players do not feel comfortable keeping detailed notes as they are playing a live game.

In fact, analyzing your game may be overall as easier task when you play online. That is one of the reasons we recommend playing that way. Another reason is to claim a nice welcome bonus. Try one of our recommended online casinos today and play with your phone or tablet. To play online, check our Casino Max, Roar 21, High Country, Cherry Jackpot, Lucky Red Casino to name a few.



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