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Everyone wasn’t born to be a master card counter. Some blackjack players just want to apply their knowledge and win at blackjack without counting cards. We believe that counting gives you an added edge, but you can certainly be successful without it. Here are 6 tips you must consider if you want to win without a blackjack card counting system.

Master Basic Blackjack Strategy

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Basic blackjack strategy is a must for all players, both those who count cards and those who do not. It is even more important if you choose not to count, because you will need it to survive.

Basic strategy is an approach that considers the proper play for every situation at the blackjack table. It has been developed over the years by professionals at the game. It has been refined and perfected and it works.


You will need to practice basic strategy until you become a master. Sign up for free games with an online casino, or download an app. We also have a free blackjack game here on the site. You can even practice with yourself at the dining room table. Just get it done.

Bonus Hunt – Build a Free Blackjack Bankroll

If you are not a card counter you will need every advantage at your disposal. This means big online casino bonuses such as reload bonuses and no deposit bonuses that can add big money to your bankroll. Most online casinos will give you free cash just for adding money to your account when you sign up. It can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

One piece of advice. If you are receiving a bonus that only applies to your very first deposit, be sure to deposit the maximum amount if you can. That way you will be able to take advantage of the largest benefit the casino has to offer.

Always Play Online

This really should not even be a debate among blackjack players anymore. The great majority of people do not live near a live casino. It is far more logical to play blackjack online. The bonuses that we just mentioned are only one advantage. You also benefit from the convenience of playing at home with your computer or mobile device.

Why does this matter? It can be expensive to make trips to a live casino. Remember, when you try to win at blackjack without counting cards it is necessary to find ways to reduce your expenses. That will help in some small way to combat the house edge.

Choose the Best Blackjack Game for You

Be prepared to be bombarded with a large variety of blackjack games when you begin to play the game online. Yes, there is standard blackjack. But there are also blackjack games with rule variations and blackjack side bets that may not be in your interest.

Casinos sometimes try to make a blackjack game more profitable and more attractive to new players by changing the rules or adding certain twists. An example would be the Triple 7s blackjack game that is popular in many live casinos. The casinos have actually found a way to combine slot machines and blackjack. Players are encouraged to try and make a hand of 21 that includes three 7s.

This may sound like a lot of fun to you. It can be fun to play on occasion, but if you want to win at blackjack consistently the game is a bad choice. It gives the house a huge edge that you would find it difficult to overcome even if you were counting cards.

Practice Good Money Management

A case can be made that good money management is important to all blackjack players. It really doesn’t depend on counting. To win at blackjack without counting cards you can’t be betting all over the place with no specific plan. You will soon lose everything and be back to square one.

Good money management means following some simple principles. It means having an adequate bankroll to start. You should not be playing any table at online blackjack unless you have a bankroll of 50X the table minimum. At a $5 table, buy in with at least $250 to give yourself the best chance to win.

Win and loss limits are also important for the player. These can sound like a drag. Who wants to keep track of how much they are winning or losing when a session is in play? Believe us when we say that those who succeed at blackjack betting do exactly that.

Keep Getting Better

Finally, you must see blackjack as a game that requires you to continually improve your play. All players must get better over time. Those that do not are left behind in the wake of others that have gone broke playing gambling games.

Blackjack is a game that changes from time to time. You have to be willing to change with it. How do you keep getting better? You keep playing, of course. Learn from your mistakes, perfect your strategic approach, and you can win at blackjack without counting cards.

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