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One could say that the two most popular games in both live and online casinos are blackjack and slot machines. These games attract the attention of players all over the world. What you may not know is that one game offers a clear advantage. Here is a look at blackjack vs. slot odds and which are better for you.

The Basics of Slot Machine Odds

Slot machines account for most of the floor space in a live casino. They also make up most of the games that you will find at an online casino. There is a very simple reason that casinos are willing to pack their casino floors with slots. They make a lot of money for the house.

Slot machines have poor odds when compared to many other casino games. People are sometimes confused by the casino’s claims that a slot machine offers a 98% payback. This means that it returns $0.98 of every wagered dollar to the player. Other machines may offer 90% payback or less. Losing a mere $0.10 of every dollar you gamble in the long run may not seem like a big deal. In reality it is huge.

Players don’t play slot machines to win a few dollars. They play the machines to win a big jackpot. After all, what can beat the sound of the bells and whistles and the flashing lights which indicate you have won a big prize? The odds of scoring a big win are less than thrilling.

According to Investopedia, there is a 1-in-34 million chance of https://www.investopedia.com/financial-edge/0910/casino-stats-why-gamblers-rarely-win.aspx. Smaller jackpots can have odds of about 5,000-1. Any way you slice it, there is a rare chance that you will hit a jackpot when playing a slot machine.

The other issue is that slots usually require you to play the maximum amount of money on each spin in order to qualify for the big jackpot. That can means wagering as much as $4 per spin or more. This can rapidly exceed the budget of many gamblers.

Blackjack Odds Are More Friendly Than Slot Odds

When it comes to games in a live or online casino, there are few which can rival the favorable odds of blackjack. With proper blackjack strategy you can actually lower the house edge to just around 1%. If you add card counting into the mix, it can even be possible to swing the odds of the games in your favor.

Why do blackjack vs. slot odds matter to a smart casino player? It is because smart players always want the best chance to win. Blackjack will give you that, but there is a trade-off. Unless you are betting very large amounts at the blackjack table, you will rarely have a chance at a jackpot. Instead, you will be winning smaller pots on a more regular basis.

There is something to remember about blackjack odds. If you are not using any type of blackjack strategy, the odds of winning at blackjack can be as high as almost 43%. That would make it a very bad bet. It is the ability to use strategy and act on your hands in a certain way that makes blackjack a game which can be beaten.

Casino Odds Are Your Biggest Challenge

When you think about blackjack vs. slot odds, you should always remember that overcoming them is the great challenge for any gambler. You can learn blackjack strategy and card counting. You can surely learn how to feed a slot machine. All of that is easy. Overcoming the odds is hard.

Many people have an understanding that the house has an edge in all casino games. Why do they play games with poor odds? There can be several reasons why people might choose to play slots and receive poorer odds.

One of these is the intimidation of playing a table game like blackjack. There is a certain amount of anonymity that can be had when playing slots. You sit down and do not attract a lot of attention. Your actions do not affect the outcome of other players’ hands.

When you play a game like live blackjack you are subject to the scrutiny of other players. Some players are just more comfortable when they are playing alone than when they are playing a group. A good way to overcome this apprehension is to play online blackjack where you are the only player.

Another reason that some people might choose to play a game in which the odds are poor is the desire to take shortcuts. They want to win a lot of money in a short period of time. There is a name for this, of course. It is called greed. Greed is the ruin of anyone that wants to gamble.

Are you ready to try your hand at online blackjack and online slots? We suggest trying one of our recommended online casinos. You can play right from the comfort of home, and these online casinos will even give you a bonus when you sign up and make your first deposit. You can read reviews of Casino Max, Roar 21, High Country, Cherry Jackpot, Lucky red casino, Las Vegas USA to name a few. If you are a crypto fan like I am, check out CryptoReels.

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