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Is there a way you might be able to take a short cut to winning at online blackjack? There is no substitute for learning the skills you need to succeed, but a few tricks can be helpful. We have put together a list of the top ten online blackjack hacks you can use right now to win more often.

1 – Claim Your Online Blackjack Bonus Money

Top 10 Almost all online casinos are happy to offer bonus money to new players. They do this so that players will sign up and make a deposit. The bigger the bonus, the happier the player. It is a sad reality that some blackjack players never take advantage of these bonuses. You can find no deposit bonuses, reload bonuses and more.

We recommend that you shop for the best bonuses before you choose an online casino. If you can find a casino with a no-deposit bonus, be sure to try that one first. See how you like it and then make a large deposit to claim the matching bonus if it is offered.

Why would you leave free online blackjack money on the table? You can use this free money to learn the game if you are new, or you can use it to build a powerful bankroll and play blackjack at higher limits online.

2 – Play More for More Rewards and Free Money

In addition to free bonus money, also remember to join any loyalty programs that are offered. These programs will reward you with free money according to how much you play. Players typically earn points that can be redeemed for free play, free money, or even casino merchandise and swag. There is usually no limit to how many loyalty rewards that you can earn.

This is pretty much the same thing that you find in a live casino which offers player cards. Just remember that these cards also help the casinos to do a better job of tracking how much money you spend and how often that you play online casino games.

3 – Let Your Online Blackjack Bankroll Grow

If you happen to get lucky and win a nice sum of money right away, the temptation can be to cash it out. We wouldn’t blame you. In fact, we think walking away with a profit is always a good idea.

The thing is, if you get lucky and build a nice bankroll to start, it can be a good choice to let your bankroll grow. A larger online blackjack bankroll will let you play higher limit games. That’s one of the best hacks if you want to earn more money from online blackjack.

You should not be playing with money that has been put aside for bills or other needs. Therefore, it won’t hurt you to let those winnings keep building up. There is no better feeling than playing with the house’s money at online blackjack.

4 – Play With a Mobile Device

Some players feel like they have a better experience with mobile online blackjack. They enjoy the convenience of being able to play with a phone or tablet pretty much anywhere. The apps developed for online blackjack today are very advanced and offer high resolution graphics. You can also make deposits and withdrawals right from the app.

But why does convenience earn a place as one of our top ten online blackjack hacks? Because the more comfortable you are playing, the more you will likely win. You will be relaxed and make better blackjack decisions.

5 – Keep a Blackjack Cheat Sheet Handy

Online blackjack is a game of skill. You are required to make decisions which can affect the outcome of the game. Those who are new to the game must rely on a basic blackjack strategy chart to guide them as they play.

You should obtain such a cheat chart. You can find strategy charts at Counting Edge. You can also buy strategy cards and charts from Amazon or in some live casinos. There is no prohibition on having these sheets and charts accessible in a live or an online casino. Just refer to them as you play to avoid making any costly mistakes.

Blackjack basic strategy is unforgiving. If you deviate from it you are going to have little success. The right play for every situation has been evaluated by professionals for years and codified into simple systems. Just look at the total of the cards you have and the dealer’s upcard. Find where these intersect on the strategy card and make the proper play. Nothing could be easier.

6 – Play Live Blackjack Online If Available

There are many online casinos which are making the switch to live blackjack. In these games there is a live dealer who conducts the game from a video studio. Players can interact with the dealer and other players. In terms of realism, nothing is closer to blackjack in a real casino than online live dealer blackjack.

There may be another reason why playing live blackjack is a top online blackjack hack. These games might make it possible to count cards when a shoe is used to deal the game. In a virtual game there is no real benefit to counting cards because the virtual deck is shuffled after each game.

7 – Watch for New Online Blackjack Casinos

Whenever a new online casino appears, getting players is important. This means that the new casino might be offering very large bonuses to everyone that signs up. Remember our first online blackjack hack. You need to be claiming every online blackjack bonus that you can find.

There is even a term for signing up at multiple online casinos in order to claim bonus money. It is called bonus whoring. Just remember that most online casinos have withdrawal requirements in place to make sure you don’t take the money and run.

8 – Play Multiple Hands For Less Money

When you are on a hot streak, playing multiple hands at online blackjack can be a nice way to increase your profits. You can also do this in a live casino, but the minimum wager required can be a deterrent. Some live casinos charge as much as $10 or $15 per hand of blackjack during the casino’s busy hours.

There is no such reason to try and maximize floor space online, so you can always find blackjack games for just $1 per hand. That means you can play three hands for less than it would cost you to play a single hand when you play live.

Just because it is cheaper to play three hands doesn’t mean that you should always do so. Only play multiple hands when the deck is hot, and never do it to try and recoup your losses.

9 – Stick to Basic Blackjack

There sure are a lot of blackjack side bets that are appearing in online casinos today. Do yourself a favor and stay away from them. You can make more money by playing basic blackjack games with the right strategy.

Some side bets in blackjack may look fun, but they have a very high house edge that will quickly drain your bankroll.

10 – Be Careful With Blackjack Betting Progressions

Finally, our last online blackjack hack is to be very careful with betting progressions. You need to use money management and betting progressions if you want to win, but some players lack discipline and use progressions without restraint.

You may begin to play and start winning right away. That can lead to a temptation which encourages you to up the progression faster than you should. Your mind tells you that you can achieve your winnings quicker by making bigger bets.

This puts you in danger of falling into common betting progression problems such as doubling after each loss. Pretty soon you will no longer be able to double your bet because you will be above the table minimum. Imagine losing that size stake.

It is possible to use online blackjack hacks to win more often. Let us know in the comments about the hacks you have developed. You can read reviews of Casino Max, Roar 21, High Country, Cherry Jackpot, Lucky red casino, Las Vegas USA to name a few. If you are a crypto fan like I am, check out CryptoReels.

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