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✔️ USA Players Welcome

Perhaps you are one of those fortunate people who has had the opportunity to play blackjack in both a live and online casino. If so, you will understand the important differences between the two. If you are not one of the lucky few you might want to check out this guide to the differences between blackjack in a live casino and blackjack online for real money. The opinion of Counting Edge is that those differences often illustrate the advantages of playing blackjack online.

Online Blackjack Has Lower Limits

This is an important consideration for many players who do not have a large blackjack bankroll to fund their playing. These players make an expensive trip to a live casino in the hopes of winning a few dollars only to find that they have arrived on a weekend when it costs $15 per hand to play blackjack. They sit down anyway and soon lose their entire bankroll.

Online blackjack does not present the same problems. Most online casinos offer blackjack for as little as $1 per hand. This is a great way to practice your blackjack skills without risking a lot of money. Of course, as your blackjack skills grow you can start playing for even more money.

Online Blackjack is Slower

The pace of online blackjack is much slower than that of live blackjack. In a live casino it is very easy for a new player to become overwhelmed with the speed of the game. There is no specific rule which states how fast you must play blackjack in a live casino. Other players can make you feel very uncomfortable, however, when you play your hand slow.

In online blackjack there is no one to tell you how fast to play. You are always playing heads up against the dealer so it doesn’t matter how quick you are to act. The only exception to this would be when you are playing live dealer blackjack at an online casino. In that case you may be expected to play at a faster pace.

Online Blackjack Has Fewer Distractions

A live casino is a sensory overload of all kinds of distractions. There are bells and whistles from the slot machines, shouts from the craps table, music from the overhead speakers, and waitresses in skimpy outfits. Everything the casino does has a purposes, and the purpose of providing all of those distractions is to take your focus away from the game.

When you play blackjack online you have far fewer distractions. You can minimize distractions when you are playing in your own home. The television can be turned down, you can pause the game when you need to use the bathroom, and you can take a break to get something to eat. In other words, you are in complete control when you play blackjack online. The exception would be using your mobile device to play blackjack while you are out and about.

Online Blackjack Requires No Card Counting

To become a master at online blackjack you do not need to be able to count cards. In truth, being able to count cards wouldn’t do you much good in an online casino. The reason for this is that the cards are shuffled after each round of play. You’re the only one playing, so there is never an opportunity for you to get an accurate count in online blackjack.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t secure an edge when playing blackjack online. You can develop a great edge by perfecting basic strategy. The use of basic strategy in online blackjack is far more important that card counting. Practice it until you can execute the moves without thinking about them. Everything should be intuitive.

Online Blackjack Has Better Rules

Surrender is a blackjack rule that was once found in almost all Las Vegas casinos. Today it is almost impossible to find a live blackjack game that will still allow you to take advantage of this generous rule. With surrender you are able to give up half your original bet after you have seen your cards and the dealer’s up card. That is a hug advantage that the player can use to lower the house edge.

Many online casinos still offer surrender as an option. That alone is enough motivation for you to create an online casino account and begin wagering today.

If you are ready to do that just check out our list of recommended online casinos. Many of them will give you free bonus money as soon as you make your first deposit, and some even accept Bitcoin. To play blackjack for money we recommend that you try one of the recommended casinos, many of which are iphone casinos and android compatible. You can read the Casino Max review, Miami Club casino review , High Country casino review, Cherry Jackpot casino review, or Roaring 21 review to name a few.


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