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One of the greatest challenges faced by online blackjack players is the ability to remain focused during long sessions of play. It can sometimes take a player a couple of hours to reach their win or loss limit at the blackjack table. Throughout that entire hand they must concentrate on each hand and stay mentally sharp. This can be difficult, especially when a player is losing.

Poker players know a thing or two about staying focused during a game. It may be that online blackjack players can learn a few things from those who prefer Texas Hold ‘Em. They may even be able to observe a few bad habits that they should not duplicate.

How Poker Players Minimize Distractions

Those who play poker for a living depend upon their ability to stay focused. Unlike blackjack, poker requires players to make reads of other players at the table. This demands constant vigilance and a sort of tunnel vision that eliminates distractions. There are many ways that poker players accomplish this which may be of use to online blackjack players.

When you watch poker players on television you may notice some of them wearing headphones or earbuds. This is especially popular among many of the younger poker players on the circuit. The idea behind this is to eliminate background noise in a live casino. If you are playing online blackjack in the comfort of your home it may not be necessary to do this, but having some soft background music on might have a calming effect.

At least one poker professional, however, has questioned the use of headphones while playing. Former World Series of Poker Champion T.J. Cloutier told a Counting Edge writer that he believes headphones actually create a distraction of their own. They can make it impossible to hear the verbal statements made by other players at the table which can be binding.

The blackjack player does not have to worry about hearing other players at the table. He or she also does not have to make any verbal designations. This is especially true at online blackjack where a player is the only one at the table.

Another way poker players minimize distractions is to use their chips as a point of focus. You will often see players shuffling their chips at the table. For some this could be mere nervousness, but for others it is a way to keep themselves in the moment and stay focused on each hand and the decisions they need to make in order to be successful.

Staying Alert Helps You Play Better Online Blackjack

You may also notice poker players consuming energy drinks while they are playing. Counting Edge recommends that blackjack players remain alert at all times but too many energy drinks can be a bad thing. It can actually contribute to a lack of focus over time because the mind becomes too scattered.

If you are playing blackjack in the comfort of your own home it is much easier to stay alert. You have the convenience of standing up and taking breaks whenever you feel like you need them. In fact, getting up from time to time is highly recommended. You may even want to place your computer or tablet in a place where you can stand up and play. Too much sitting can create lethargy and drowsiness.

One of the main reasons people fail to remain alert at the computer for online blackjack is that they are simply playing too many hours in a span of time. If you notice that your mind begins to wander then it is time to either take a break, get some fresh air, or maybe have a cup of coffee.

Blackjack Practice Helps Focus

If you have the idea that you want to become a professional at the game of blackjack then you are going to have to remain focused for longer periods of time. Just like a professional athlete, you can condition your powers of concentration through practice.

Card counters will take a deck of cards and practice keeping the count from one card to the next. They will gradually increase the speed at which the cards are turned over. If they lose the count mid-pack then they must start over once again. Doing this repeatedly will extend the continuity of focus.

Here is another trick that you may find useful when developing focus. Learn to pay attention to the designs on each card. Train yourself to look at every small detail. When you do this you are compelling the mind to remain in the moment and present. This will also prevent you from looking around at other things which may serve to distract your from the game.

Your Blackjack Playing Environment

Online blackjack has truly changed the way the game is played. Online casinos are available on a variety of different platforms. You can even play blackjack on your phone for real money if that is your thing. If you are playing at home, staying focused can have a lot to do with your playing environment.

Do you play in a room where there are lots of distractions? Is the television on when you play? Are there others in the home who are in and out during your blackjack session? The answers to these questions may have an impact on how well you are concentrating on a game in progress.

At the end of the day, the method in which an online blackjack player limits distractions is a matter of personal preference. Each individual is going to have to figure out what works best for them. The trick is to implement focus strategies with consistency and not in a haphazard way. You must cultivate focus every time that you sit down to play the game.

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