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At Counting Edge we know that players can beat online blackjack. We get emails from players all the time who do exactly that. It isn’t easy, but it happens. We decided to see if we could find some of the blackjack players who have taken the casinos for large sums of money. What we discovered is it can be quite difficult to find players who beat the online casino. Read on to find out why.

Can an Online Blackjack Casino Be Beaten?

Before we look at some specific examples of players who have won at online blackjack and online gambling let’s first take answer an important question. Is it really possible to beat an online casino? We believe the answer is yes, but things are not as simple as wanting to win. Players have to be prepared and take many steps to prepare for winning.

It is obviously important for a player to have a deep understanding of blackjack and online gambling if they intend to win. They need to be practiced at basic blackjack strategy so that the correct play can be made every time without fail. Having an understanding of card counting is also important if the player is using a casino that offers live dealer blackjack. The player with no skill in the game is not going to beat the online casino. They may become lucky every once in a while but they will never win consistently.

The players who win also know how important it is to pick the right online casino for betting. There are plenty of online casinos out there that will be happy to take your money and run. You have to choose a casino that you can trust. The best way to do that is to read the reviews posted by Counting Edge. We check out all of the blackjack online casinos that we recommend to make sure they are legit. Check out the casino max review, Miami club casino review, or Roaring 21 Casino review.

Now, let’s look at some cases where players did in fact beat the online casinos and poker rooms.

Dusty Schmidt and the Online Poker Sharks

The fact is that most players who beat online casinos in a consistent fashion have done so at online poker. The reason for this could be that in online poker the player is competing against other players and not the house. In online blackjack things are much different. The player has to overcome the house edge in order to win.

When online poker first became popular there were players like Dusty Schmidt who made a full-time living playing. Many of them were playing all hours of the day on several tables at once. These online poker sharks were able to easily defeat their poker rivals because they knew the game and how to play it properly. Unfortunately, some of them also had a little help in winning.

Russ Hamilton Cheats to Beat the Casino

Russ Hamilton was known for being one of the best professional blackjack players in the world. He made his living in the live casinos of Las Vegas where he was regularly able to beat the house with his knowledge of the game and card counting.

Then Russ Hamilton discovered online poker. He became one of the investors in an online poker site that was soon discovered to be cheating its players. There was a way that Hamilton and others could see the hole cards of unsuspecting poker players. The site was ultimately closed down and Hamilton and others were faced with criminal charges.

Can you cheat at online blackjack to beat the casino? It is very unlikely. Most online casinos today are using a model known as provably fair gaming. In this type of model the algorithms for the games are regularly tested to prove the random nature of the game results. There is no way for a player to cheat at blackjack in a legitimate online casino.

Why is it Hard to Find Players Who Win at Online Blackjack?

Counting Edge would have loved to given some examples of players who have won millions at online blackjack. What we found in our research is that these players don’t want to be found. We know that they are out there. We just don’t know how to locate them or get them to speak. Why would these players want to keep themselves private?

There are a few reasons why successful online blackjack players might want to remain anonymous. One of the biggest is that coming out as a professional online gambler can create problems with the tax man. This is especially true for players in the United States. It can be very complicated to keep track of gambling winnings and losses for tax purposes.

Another reason that blackjack winners may want privacy is that they are often harassed by family and friends who see them as a source of money. Some people have a misconception that all professional gamblers are wealthy. That is simply not the case. Many of them are just grinding it out day to day in an effort to make a living.

Do you think you have what it takes to beat the online casinos at blackjack for real money? We wish you all the best. Just remember that achieving this feat will require you to dedicate many hours to the game and how it is played online. We recommend that you try one of the recommended casinos to play blackjack, many of which are iphone casinos. You can read the Casino Max review or High Country casino review to name a few.

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