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Everyone that plays blackjack online or live to make real money should be concerned with the hourly win rate in blackjack. Knowing how much you can expect to clear on average during a session will help you examine your skills. Your win rate can reveal strengths and flaws in your blackjack game.

In this discussion of win rate we will look at what it is, and also why it matters. We’ll also discuss ways that you can calculate the rate and use your calculations to become a better online blackjack player.

Why Hourly Win Rates in Blackjack Matter

The discussion of this subject should begin with why the concept matters. There is one major difference between recreational blackjack players and serious blackjack players. The recreational player doesn’t approach the game a business or a job. The professional does.

Would you accept a job where you were not told how much you would be paid per hour? Probably not. In fact, for many workers the wage they can expect often determines the job they can take. The same is true in a sense for professional blackjack players. They know how much they need to survive, and they need to know how many hours each week it will take to get there.

The serious blackjack players who does not approach things this way will soon encounter trouble. They will not play enough. They will play too much. They will play the wrong stakes. Hourly win rates in blackjack have an impact on how the game is played.

What is an Hourly Win Rate?

The overall concept is exactly what the name indicates. It is the average earnings a players can expect to achieve for every hour of blackjack played. The win rate applies no matter whether you are playing blackjack live or playing online.

The win rate is an average. It is not a guarantee that you will make a certain amount of money each hour at blackjack. You are going to have single hours when you do not achieve the rate. In some single hours you will go over. In some others you will lose. You should think of the win rate as an average that is meant to be established and maintained over time.

The rate is a specific dollar amount. $100 per hour would be an example. It should be a number that you can realistically achieve at the stakes you are playing. It is a rate that also matches your skill level.

Calculating the Rate

We can already hear some people groaning. Another mathematical computation for blackjack! Yes, this concept requires some math. It is less complicated than other blackjack mathematics, so take heart.

There are a few different methods that can be used. Explaining them all is beyond the scope of this article. Instead we are going to discuss the basic steps. You can then choose your own approach to calculating the rate.

The most common method is to first determine the house edge or lack of it. This is at the core of all calculations. It is probably best to show you a comparison of a positive versus a negative house edge.

A basic projection would be something like this:

  • You are playing perfect basic blackjack strategy
  • This brings the house edge down to 0.5%
  • You are playing 50 hands per hour
  • Your bet per hand is $100
  • In one hour you will wager $5,000 ($100 X 50)
  • 5% of 5000 is $25.
  • Your win/loss rate is a loss of $25 per hour

Remember, this is a mathematical projection. It does not represent what will happen in each individual hour. This is a picture of the long-term projection if you continue to play under those conditions.

The above teaches us that to calculate the hourly win rate in blackjack we need to know the house edge, the number of hands we are playing per hour, and the total amount of money we are betting per hour. If you have those variables you can calculate the hourly win rate.

Now, let’s look at what happens when you add card counting to the mix to eliminate the house edge:

  • You are a skilled card counter who can eliminate the casino house edge and get a 1% advantage
  • You are playing 50 hands per hour
  • You are betting $100 per hand
  • In one hour you are wagering $5,000
  • 1% of $5,000 is $50
  • Your win rate at blackjack is now $50 per hour.

What to Learn From Hourly Win Rates in Blackjack

In this discussion we have learned a few things about overall approaches to playing blackjack. For starters, card counting paired with basic blackjack strategy is essential to eliminating the house edge. Unless you are able to remove the house edge, you cannot expect a positive win rate over time.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot win. It only means that you must expect to lose. The house edge in blackjack and other casino games does not lie. It does not fail in the long run. Casinos would never offer a game in which they could not establish and maintain a house edge. That’s why they don’t like card counters.

We can also see from the example that playing higher stakes at the game of blackjack will yield a higher hourly win rate. But this is not possible for many players. Some players don’t have the bankroll to do it while others cannot step beyond their own mental comfort zones.

We encourage you to practice your counting and basic strategy. Then, give these calculations a try. They will probably shed new light on your success at the game.  You can read reviews of Casino Max, Roar 21, High Country, Cherry Jackpot, Lucky red casino, Las Vegas USA to name a few. If you are a crypto fan like I am, check out CryptoReels.

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