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Most new blackjack players are concerned with learning how to win. Learning not to lose in blackjack is just as important. A player learns to lose when they engage in wrong thinking about the game. Here is a guide to preventing this type of mentality and developing a winning attitude.

Success at Online Blackjack Requires a Positive Mental Approach

There are so many blackjack players and online gamblers that have been mentally conditioned to lose. From the very first time we are introduced to gambling and online casinos we are told to expect to lose. We are told that it is impossible to beat the house. The house always wins. These are all fallacies.

First off, winning at online gambling may not be probable but it is possible. Smart players win all the time. The very best players also win consistently. Yes, you will encounter losing sessions. But it is possible to make these the exceptions and not the rule.

In the long run the house does have an edge that cannot be overcome in most games. Blackjack is a rare exception. It has been demonstrated that the mathematical aspect of blackjack makes it a game that can be beaten under certain conditions.

Does the house always win? Not when you practice learning not to lose in blackjack. There are a few changes to your approach that are required. These can be made with diligent effort and practice.

Realistically Change Your Expectations

You begin learning not to lose at blackjack by realistically changing your expectations. If you are expecting to become an overnight millionaire or quit your day job to play blackjack, you are probably being unrealistic.

Some gamblers and professional blackjack players have a very modest goal. They may only want to win $100 per day. They have calculated that this amount of money will be satisfactory. Perhaps your number is $50 per day. Everyone has a different realistic expectation when it comes to playing blackjack for real money online.

You are setting yourself up for extreme disappointment when you do not have proper expectations. When you are unsatisfied with your winnings you will become negative in your approach toward the game.

Stop Making Excuses for Poor Blackjack Play

The player that expects to lose when playing online blackjack is a player that makes a lot of excuses for poor play. Poor play is a result of a few things. Two are not taking the time to perfect basic blackjack strategy, and not taking the time to practice properly.

So many times we have seen players at a live blackjack table do things like split tens. They defend this by saying that they have a hunch about the next card. Hunches do not win hands at blackjack. They cause you to lose your bankroll and walk away in defeat.

“I was going to lose the hand anyway so what did it matter?” This is an excuse you will hear often from players. Making the right play even when it is likely you will lose is a hallmark of a strong player. Every time you make the right play you are inching toward an intuitive approach to the game and basic blackjack strategy.

Make the Right Play Every Time

Learning not to lose in blackjack means making the right play every time. You cannot ever deviate from this approach. To do so is to surrender the edge that you have gained over the house.

Consistent winning in the game of blackjack is about consistent play. Over the years basic blackjack strategy has evolved to become the best way to approach the game. When you use flawless basic strategy you are able to lower the house edge against you. When you combine the strategy with card counting, you may even be able to swing the odds in your favor.

On the other hand, each time you deviate from the basic strategy there is a reduction in its effectiveness. You are giving back part of the edge that you have worked so hard to attain.

Learn How to Win in Blackjack By Learning Not to Lose

Everything that we do in life is a byproduct of learning. We find something that we like to do and we work toward perfecting it. To perfect it we have to eliminate the things that we are doing wrong.

Think about a professional basketball player who needs to perfect the ability to shoot free throws. Over time a certain way of shooting free throws has been proven to work. Players can achieve success by removing things from their form that doesn’t replicate success.

The same is true for the person who would want to become a professional blackjack player. Identify the weak spots in your game and then progressively work to remove them. As you become stronger in all the various aspects of playing blackjack, you will start to win consistently.  To play blackjack for money online we recommend that you try one of the recommended casinos. You can read the Lucky Red Casino review, Casino Max review, Miami Club review, or Roaring 21 review to name a few.

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