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Many newcomers to the game of online blackjack for real money know that it is important to have a blackjack betting strategy. Using one of the top five betting strategies in blackjack can improve your chances to show a consistent profit.

Our list is by no means complete. You can find many other blackjack money management strategies by reading the articles on Counting Edge. These five strategies are a good place to start because they are easy to learn and are compatible with almost any bankroll.

Betting Progressions

Before we get into the systems themselves, let’s remind players of betting progressions. Betting progressions are simply ways of raising or lowering your bets during a gaming session. A positive betting progression means going up with your bet. Negative betting progressions involve a regression.

The whole point is this. Flat betting at the blackjack table is not going to help you win vast sums of money. If you stick with the same bet, the house edge will sooner or later begin to assert itself. By using a betting strategy in blackjack you are looking to capitalize on streaks.

Steady Blackjack Betting

We would not put this on a list of our personal strategies. It is included in this top five because it is popular. It is the system we were just mentioning. Steady betting is sticking with the table minimum and hoping to win multiple hands in a row. You are also hoping to win more hands than you will lose overall.

Beating blackjack comes down to three different elements. They are basic blackjack strategy, card counting, and successful money management. When you have all three skills you just might be able to negate the house edge and swing things in your favor.

Remove just one element and you have an uphill climb to beat the house. One could even argue that a blackjack betting strategy is the most important of all the elements because it gives you the power to bet big when other things are in your favor.

If you are flat betting in the game of online blackjack, the profits will come slowly if they come at all.

The Up and Pull Betting Strategy

A top five blackjack betting strategy that we have recommended to our readers is the Up and Pull. This is a grinding system that gives you the ability to remain in the game while you wait for a hot streak to come.

You begin by making a base wager of two units. If the table minimum is $10 you would bet $20. If you win the hand, regress on the next bet to $10. After this, raise your bet by one unit after each win. When you lose a hand, start over once again with the two unit bet.

By regressing on the first win you are locking in a profit on that hand. This will help to preserve your bankroll while you wait for a streak to come and win multiple hands in a row.

Winning Streak Strategy

This system is similar to the Up and Pull except you do not regress after the first win. You also begin with the table minimum and wait for a streak to emerge.

Some players begin increasing their bet after a single win. Some wait for two or three wins to raise it. The choice is yours. This is the simplest strategy of any you can imagine. Just be careful. It veers close to using hunches or intuition to inform your bets. That is a quick way to lose your bankroll.

Also, you need to know when to back off of the strategy as the winning streak nears its end. That can be hard to do.

Playing With the House’s Money

This is one of our favorite approaches. It is very easy to execute. You just keep your bets low until you have made a small profit. You then pull aside your original buy-in and begin making your wagers with the house’s money.

Getting into this position is every blackjack player’s dream. You can play a little bit loose and with more freedom when you are not risking your own bankroll. But, just because it is the house’s money do not be frivolous with it. It is still money that you have earned, and that actually makes it yours.

The Martingale Strategy

We saved the Martingale strategy for the last on this list because it is a double-edged sword. While it can work, it can also be devastating. As a rule, we don’t like the Martingale. It is included because some players have managed to use it with great effect.

The basic premise of the Martingale blackjack betting system is this. You start with the minimum bet. If you win the hand, bet the minimum again and keep your one unit of profit. If you lose, you double the next bet. You keep doubling after each loss. A single win will bring you even again where the process begins all over.

Do you see the potential problem here? Blackjack tables have a maximum bet as well as a minimum bet. It is very possible for you to lose ten or more hands in a row at blackjack. When you do, you will soon reach the table limit. It will no longer be possible for you to double your bet and try to get even. You will have lost a large amount of your bankroll.

The other negative about this system is that it is a grind. It can take hours to make a profit of just a few units. The Martingale can also be applied to other games like roulette.

Remember, the blackjack betting strategy that you choose to use is not most important. It is most important that you use something and have a plan. Betting with no plan is a sure way to lose. To play blackjack for money online we recommend that you try one of the recommended casinos. You can read the Lucky Red Casino review, Casino Max review, Miami Club review, or Roaring 21 review to name a few.

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