Do you and your significant other enjoy gambling together? If so, Valentine’s Day can be a great time for a getaway to your favorite live casino. You may even be able to take advantage of special promotions that help you save money and increase your bankroll. Here is a closer look at why gambling together might be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Pamper Her With a Live Casino Trip

Most people think about all of the casino games like blackjack and craps when they are planning a live casino trip. After all, gambling is the main reason people visit casinos. But there are many other fine amenities to enjoy at most casinos and resorts. With a little bit of planning you can create a Valentine’s Day casino retreat.

Begin by treating her to a meal at one of the casino’s restaurants. Many casinos have fabulous restaurants on their property. You may even be able to qualify for a discounted meal based on the amount of gambling that you have done.

You can also request things from the casino like a room upgrade or turndown service. Many casinos will include things like this for their prized guests. A suite would be a nice treat for Valentine’s Day.

After you have eaten, maybe a shopping excursion is called for. You will find that many casinos today also have numerous shops in their facilities. These can include jewelry shops, clothing shops, and upscale gift shops. Using some of those blackjack winnings to buy her a new ring at the jewelry shop will surely score you some points when it comes to Valentine’s Day.

The end of the day can be a perfect time to take in a show at a live casino. The shows are never ending in Las Vegas. Prices can vary depending on the artist and the type of show, but it pays to see if you might be able to score some comp tickets from your casino host.

This is the kind of trip that will have your significant other feeling special and pampered on Valentine’s Day.

Best Gambling Games to Play Together on Valentine’s Day

You will have a large number of choices when you head out to enjoy the casino on Valentine’s Day. You can play table games or you can play slots and video poker. The key is to pick something that both of you will enjoy and can have fun at.

Playing blackjack together at the same table is certainly a possibility. You may even be able to sit next to one another. Just remember that the casino regards you as individual players. You aren’t allowed to collude with one another to increase your chances to win. Suggesting to your partner when to hit or stand doesn’t really violate the rules, but try to keep it to a minimum.

If your significant other doesn’t yet know how to play the game of blackjack or craps, this can be a good chance to teach them. Just remember to be patient and keep the emphasis on having fun. No one wants to have an argument on Valentine’s Day.

A better option in many cases can be slot machines. You can find a couple of slot machines that are close together and sit undisturbed as you play. This can be a great time to while away a few hours, and you may even get lucky and hit a large jackpot.

A Valentine’s Day Gambling Date at Home

Maybe you are one of those people who does not live close to a live casino. If so, no worries. You can have your own day of gambling together right at home when you play at an online casino.

There are many advantages of playing your favorite casino games at home. You save money by not having to travel or book hotel stays, and you can prepare your own food for less. You can also get free bonus money when you sign up for an online casino account.

When you play online casino games at home you are still building reward points just like you are when you are playing in a live casino. You can then exchange those points for free bonus money or free bets.

Who says gambling together can’t be romantic? It can be when you take some time to plan and make the day special.

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