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Whenever you sit down to play blackjack there are many challenges and obstacles you have to overcome. There is the Blackjack house edge, that percentage which guarantees that the casino will beat you in the long run. Just evading this barrier is like walking through a minefield. There are other barriers like multiple decks, pit bosses, and other players who make poor choices. The list just goes on and on. Yet, all of these enemies take a back seat to the reason most people do not win at blackjack.

The blackjack player’s worst enemy is greed.

At Counting Edge, we receive many emails and comments from our readers. Some of them have been kind enough to share the success they have had using the Counting Edge System or our tips and advice. The one key thing all of these success stories have in common is that the successful players all knew how to walk away from the table with a profit.

Many years ago, an old gambler was asked by a youngster, “What is the secret to winning at blackjack?” The old player had a reputation for being one of the best card counters and blackjack players around, and the young player wanted his advice.

The old card counter took a sip of his coffee and replied, “The secret is that you have to hate money.”

“I don’t understand,” said the young player, dismayed. When the old gambler refused to elaborate, the young man left the place of their meeting disappointed. It wasn’t until a few years later, after the young man had carved out his own career as a professional blackjack player, that he began to grasp the old gambler’s meaning.

The reason many amateur and recreational blackjack players lose money at blackjack is because they do not have the discipline to walk away. If you play blackjack regularly, ask yourself how many times you have been ahead at the blackjack table only to leave with a loss. Now, ask yourself why you didn’t take a profit and leave? More often than not, the answer will be that you wanted to win more money. You were not satisfied with the profit you had and things were going so well that you just knew you could win lots more. This is the very definition of greed.

For many gamblers, greed is a part of their nature. If they win $50, they want to win $100. If they win $100, they want to win $1,000. On and on it goes. As Glenn Frey of The Eagles sang, “The lure of easy money has a very strong appeal.”

If you have managed to win at blackjack, you know that it is far from an easy game. It requires tremendous discipline. You have to maintain discipline in order to keep the count, you have to have discipline to make the right basic strategy play even when making it will likely end in a loss, and you have to have the discipline to walk away with a profit. If you cannot master this important aspect of playing blackjack for a living, you will never join the ranks of our readers that send in their success stories.

What is money? It is simply a piece of paper with which you can buy what you want. If you become too attracted to it, money can become an elusive object of which you never have enough. You must establish a love-hate relationship with money. Love what it can do for your life, but hate its ability to cause you to make poor decisions.

If you have joined one of our recommended online casinos and had success, please share your story with Counting Edge! We love to hear about our players winning big.

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