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We receive a lot of emails from the readers of Counting Edge. Most of them are to tell us about success using our card counting and basic strategy methods. Recently we even got one from a casino employee to let us know how she used the information on our website to catch two card counters. This was a first for us, and we want to share her email and story below.

Dear Counting Edge,

I am probably not the typical person that would read your website. I do not count cards. I am a casino surveillance operative for a Vegas casino and spend my nights trying to catch the people who count. A friend of mine told me about your website and suggested I check it out to learn about some of the card counting methods with which I am unfamiliar. I am glad I did.


A couple of weeks ago I observed two individuals enter the casino and make their way to the blackjack pit. They were a male and female and appeared to be a couple. The woman bought in for $1,000 and this immediately got my attention. Not many people will buy in for that amount at a $25 table. Her companion bought into the game for $500.


I remembered something I read on your website about the MIT blackjack team and how they would work in pairs. One player would be tasked with obtaining the count and the other, the Big Player, would start betting big when given a signal. I decided to see if maybe that’s what these individuals were doing.


The woman was betting the minimum on each hand. The man, however, varied his bets from time to time. He seemed to be playing haphazardly with no plan while the woman was very disciplined. A few hands into the shoe the woman suddenly increased her bet to $100 and won. She proceeded to win four hands in a row while raising her bet each time before losing the fifth bet and returning to the minimum. She played the minimum bet for the remainder of the shoe.


Once the decks were shuffled, the same scenario played out again. The woman kept her bets low until suddenly jumping them up. The man never stopped his own wild style of play but somehow he was also winning. I started to watch closer. I noticed that there would come a moment in each shoe when the man would reach over and rub the woman’s shoulder. It was after this seemingly innocuous move that the woman started to raise her bets.


I watched them long enough until we felt comfortable enough to say they were counting cards. The pit boss was informed and security asked the pair to leave the table. They were escorted to the windows to cash out their chips. The woman cashed out almost $10,000 while the man took out $3,500. It was a nice evening’s work.


I’m telling you this story because I know some people may believe that card counting is a thing of the past. It is not. There are still card counters working the casinos. I am also telling you so that you can let your readers know that they will be caught eventually. We are always watching. And now my supervisors have also asked for the link to Counting Edge so that they can learn about different counting methods.


(Name Withheld by Request)

All we can say is wow! When this site was created we never thought it would get the attention of casino security agents. This just goes to show that you can never be too careful when you are counting cards in a live casino.

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