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At Counting Edge we think playing blackjack online has many advantages. There are still people who prefer to play live blackjack. For those people, blackjack table manners are important. Here are a few things to consider when you play blackjack in a live casino.

Only Sit in First Base or Third Base With Experience

There are two seats at a live blackjack table which arguably have more importance than others. These are the seats immediately to the right and left of the dealer. First base is to the dealer’s left. Third base is to the dealers right. The players in these seats are the first and the last to act respectively.

Most blackjack players would agree that the actions of the players in the first and third base seats can influence the game to a certain degree. Therefore, it makes sense that those seats should go to players with experience. The experienced blackjack player is less likely to make mistakes.

If you lack the knowledge and skill in basic blackjack strategy to play in these seats, sit somewhere else. You will only be opening yourself up to a lot of criticism from other players at the blackjack table if you don’t make the right plays while seated in first or third base.

Maintain the Proper Rate of Speed When Playing Live Blackjack

There is no rule about how fast you must play your cards in a live blackjack game. With that being said, you are going to get some negative reaction to your play if you are too slow. This is another area where playing blackjack online offers an advantage. You can set the tempo you are comfortable with.

In a live blackjack game the dealer has the responsibility of moving the game along at a suitable pace. If you are not keeping up with that pace, the dealer may offer some subtle hints before they ask you outright to speed up your play. Other players might not be as patient. They can make snide remarks or criticize you for playing slow.

Watch Your Drinks and Food at the Blackjack Table

If you are playing blackjack live most casinos have no problem with you drinking at the table. In fact, many blackjack tables in a casino have cup holders attached. Some live casinos may also allow you to eat certain types of foods.

If you choose to do this, be courteous of your fellow blackjack players. Some of them may not appreciate you eating in close proximity to their space. Also be sure that you keep your drinks in some type of container so that they do not spill. You will not make a friend if you happen to spill a drink in their lap.

The best practice in this situation may be to avoid eating or drinking altogether when you play blackjack live. Consider that you would not have any issues if you chose to play the blackjack games in your own home with a computer or tablet.

Are There Consequences for Poor Blackjack Table Manners?

We could list many more examples of poor blackjack table manners, but we think you get the point. If you would not like something doing a certain thing, chances are it will offend others when you do it. Use common sense.

So, what happens when you break one of these rules about behavior at the live blackjack table? Most live casinos are not going to say anything to you unless the offense is egregious. The more likely result is that you will be called out by another player, and that can create its own drama. If you get into an altercation with another player you will probably be asked to leave the casino.

If you make yourself a nuisance at the live blackjack table with a lack of manners, the casino may ask you to leave the table. That would be very embarrassing for everyone involved.

The Most Important Rule of Blackjack Table Manners

We should close by talking about the most important rule of manners at live blackjack. It is the elephant in the room and you probably already know what it is. Good hygiene is a must if you want to play live blackjack.

No one playing blackjack in a live venue wants to sit next to someone that has not had a shower or is otherwise not using good hygiene. We wish we didn’t even have to say this but we do. Too many players get caught up in a live blackjack session and forget to handle the basic things.

When you choose to go out to a live casino, make sure that you look nice and smell clean. Your fellow blackjack players will thank you for it.

You have read a few references in this article to online blackjack. This is the simple way to get around blackjack table manners. When you are playing blackjack in your own home, you make the rules. Hey, good hygiene is still important regardless of where you play, but anything else goes. Drink, eat, split those tens. It is all up to you. Just as at a physical casino, you can play online blackjack for real money!

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