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Perhaps you may have heard the term instant play blackjack. This term is used to describe several types of blackjack that you may encounter live or online. Allow us to explore what instant play blackjack means and how you can profit from it. You can also enjoy it for real money at iphone casinos and android casinos.

The Definition of Instant Play Blackjack

In a very broad sense this type of blackjack could be defined as any form of the game that can be played without preparation. You simply sit in at the game and enjoy. Of course, the real description is a little more complex that that.

Some types of instant blackjack that you can encounter are:

  • Online blackjack games for real money
  • Lottery inspired blackjack games – scratch-off tickets
  • Drawings or other contests that have a blackjack theme

By far the most popular type of this form of blackjack is online play.

Online Blackjack – An Instant Way to Play

Blackjack Online Many players today are choosing online blackjack as a preferred way to play the game. It is convenient, and it can also be less expensive when you deduct travel costs to Las Vegas and the likes plus other expenses. Best of all, there is an instant nature to the game that cannot be found in other settings.

When you play blackjack online for real money there is always a table available. You are generally the only player at that table. The whole experience is realistic, but virtual. You can log in to your favorite online casino and be playing blackjack within a minute.

This is not always the case when you travel to an online casino to play blackjack. You may have to wait for a seat at a blackjack table, especially if you visit on the weekends. Because those seats are at a premium, the minimum bet will usually be higher also.

In poker there is a term for instant online games. They are often called a sit-and-go. That is exactly what you can do when you play online blackjack. You are able to dictate the terms. You can sit down right in the comfort of your home, play for as long as you like, and quit whenever you are ready. Take a break for a few hours and come back again.

The Popularity of Lottery Instant Play Blackjack

Blackjack lottery ticket In recent years it has been common to find scratch-off lottery tickets which have a blackjack theme to them. These are available in many portions of the United States where the lottery is legal. To play the game you only need a few dollars and something to scratch the tickets.

Usually, the game will ask you to scratch and reveal combinations of cards that total 21. There is no real skill involved in a game of this type. It is all luck. There are a certain number of winning lottery tickets available. Once these have been exhausted, no more are available.

Some of these scratch-off lottery games can become very expensive to play. A single ticket can cost as much as $10 or more. The chances to win increase with the cost of the ticket.

What About Blackjack Slot Machines?

Blackjack Slotmachine Some of you are probably now wondering about blackjack slot machines. Yes, these are a real thing. They are found in both live and online casinos. The games use blackjack as a theme. There are a couple of varieties which could be classified as instant play blackjack.

The traditional blackjack slot can be a three-reel classic or a modern video version. In this game the player will be required to match symbols on the reels to receive a payout. Symbols can be anything related to the game of blackjack. Common ones are playing cards and casino chips.

Slot machines are also a game of luck. Unlike the real game of blackjack, these slot machines do not incorporate skill. You don’t have to make any real decisions on your hand. All you need to do is spin the wheel.

Video poker versions of blackjack are a little bit different. In these games you will usually have the option to hit, stand, split, or double down your hand. The decisions that you make could have some effect on the outcome of the game. But, these machines are still calibrated to offer a certain payback. Video poker is a better option than a regular slot machine, but it can still be a difficult game to beat.

Who Likes Instant Play Blackjack?

When it comes to versions of blackjack that offer an instant form of gambling action, most appeal to the novice player. Those who have little knowledge of the game of blackjack might feel less overwhelmed when they play a slot machine or a scratch-off ticket. The seasoned blackjack player knows that other versions of the blackjack game are a better choice.

For example, playing a live single or double deck blackjack game in a live casino is the optimum scenario for the card counter. It gives the counter the best chance to exploit and edge. This is not something that is found in slots or lottery blackjack games. More card counting here.

Still, if these types of instant blackjack games are able to bring new players to the game of blackjack then they are valuable. They can help blackjack to remain the most popular casino card game that has ever been invented.

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