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✔️ USA Players Welcome

You may have wondered what the average day is like for a professional online blackjack player. It might be a little bit different than what you expect. Counting Edge has looked at a few examples to see if we can put together a day in the life of an online blackjack player.

The Blackjack Day Begins

Most of the online blackjack players that we spoke to get off to a late start in the morning. This is because many of them play late into the night. Even though the blackjack game is virtual the action feels more realistic to the player when they play at night. That’s what they would normally do if they were playing blackjack at a live casino.

The day in the life of an online blackjack player could start with a cup of coffee and a glance at the news on television. After that it is off to check out the results of yesterday’s play. The online blackjack professional keeps very good records. They will begin the day by reviewing the sessions they played yesterday to see how well they did.

For a professional its all about the money. The pro needs to know they are making a profit. If yesterday’s session was a bad one, the pro will try to figure out why. They may have notes to help them remember yesterday’s sessions. Some players even go so far as to record their computer screen while they play in order to analyze it later.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just because someone has elevated themselves to the rank o a professional online blackjack player does not mean that they don’t need to practice. They do and they will, usually with a blackjack trainer on their computer or perhaps with an app for their mobile device.

Some of these pros will log into their online casino account for some live practice sessions. They will choose a game and bet the minimum of $1 per hand. In this way the player can practice in a game for the minimum amount of money. Profit is not a major concern for the pro in these sessions. The goal is to make the perfect blackjack play each time the cards are dealt.

Practice can also include reading popular blackjack books. Counting Edge has a list of ones that you can read for inspiration and motivation yourself. The pros have learned that the best way to improve their game is to model the most successful blackjack players. You can play free blackjack online here.

The Evening Blackjack Sessions

In the evening is when the real work of the professional online blackjack player begins. About the time the sun goes down they will start to explore the blackjack games available at their chosen online casino. These games are sometimes virtual and sometimes use a live dealer. The online blackjack pro will always prefer the live game because there is a chance that they will be able to count cards.

Sometimes this is not the case. More online casinos today are using automatic card shufflers to shuffle the cards after each hand of play. They do this specifically to deter card counters. It is effective. A count cannot be established without the penetration of the deck.

The online professional blackjack player will manage their bankroll wisely as they play. They will not bet on a whim. Each play is made according to basic blackjack strategy. The pro will try to achieve their desired profit goal in the evening sessions. When they meet that goal they will quit for the night. Sometimes that might be after just an hour or so of play.

A Life of Freedom

The day in the life of an online blackjack pro might go on well into the night. If he or she has had a good night at the tables then they may decide to go out for dinner or take in a movie. Perhaps they will take their wife out to a club. It is a fortunate player that has created a life of such freedom from their online blackjack winnings.

For other pros the comfort of a life of freedom is simply being able to work from home in their pajamas. They have no boss to answer to and only have themselves to depend on. They have freedom but they must also have discipline.

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