✔️ USA Players Welcome
✔️ USA Players Welcome

mFortune Mobile Review: I went through a very large list of mobile casino applications before I decided that I wanted to use mFortune Mobile Casino on my new iphone (also works on Android). I am very happy with that decision, and I have been playing throughout my free time, nearly every day. Mainly i enjoy playing blackjack for money. Downloading the application was free, but after playing I have to say that I would have paid for it. The quality of the gaming experience is really that good.

I will be completely honest and let you know that one of the biggest reasons that I chose mFortune Mobile Casino in the first place is because they said they would match my first deposit, up to £200. I didn’t deposit nearly that much, but as soon as I made my first deposit, it was doubled and I felt like I had already started winning. I have had quite a lot of trouble paying and making deposits with online gaming applications in the past, so I was nervous. However, mFortune has a very simple system, and I was able to pay directly from my debit card, which freed me up from having to worry about overdoing my phone bill.

Another feature I like from mFortune is that I get to choose which of their games I want to have on my iphone, rather than just having a dozen games I will never play taking up valuable memory space. Every game I have tried allowed to play a pretty good sized demo, before I had to decide whether or not I wanted that game on my iphone. The games are fast paced and there is always another reason to keep playing. I love the fact that they have so many different slot game options, those are many of my favorites. mFortune Mobile Casino also has Roulette, Blackjack, a few different Poker options, Bingo, and too many more game options to list.

I have only had to call support once since I started playing on mFortune iphone Casino, and I am not afraid to say, I was dreading it. I have had so many bad customer service experiences in the past, I was sure that it would lead to the end of my gaming with them. I do not think I can express how wrong I was. With low expectations I decided that I didn’t want to spend hours waiting on the phone, so I sent off an email letting them know about my problem, and got a call back in no time at all. The operator that called was polite and easy to understand. She looked into my issue, apologized for my trouble, and had it fixed before we got off the phone.

The games they have play well and get updated to keep you wanting more. They also offer players new casino games from time to time, so that you do not have to worry about getting bored with the experience. I would surely recommend mFortune Mobile Casino to anyone that is thinking about adding a gaming application to their mobile device. mfortune is also available for android devices.

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