✔️ USA Players Welcome
✔️ USA Players Welcome

Spinpalace Mobile Review: As I went to play the newly downloaded Spin Palace Mobile Casino on my iPhone, I realized I was severely under-dressed. I immediately switched out of my sweatpants and Garfield shirt into a something more appropriate because the first thing you notice is the Spin Palace Mobile’s Vegas-like visuals. Even though you’re playing from the comfort of your home, this mobile casino (also for android) has a real vibe to it and the only thing I noticed missing was a cocktail waitress in my basement LOL!

I created a personalized account on Spin Palace Mobile and was anxious to see what games awaited me. To be honest, I had gotten into some trouble in the past betting online and was going to opt for the free version of gameplay as I was on good ground with my e-bookies. Just for the heck of it, I looked into deposit options. Spin Palace takes all major credit cards, direct bank transfers and Internet banking such as Neteller and Click2Pay. If I wanted to do so, I could’ve deposited money directly from my iPhone and believe me, I thought about it…repeatedly. I did miss out on a 100% funding match as a first time depositor. Now, as I entered the virtual free casino, I was really hoping I’d lose instead of hitting a jackpot that would pay me only ‘fun money.’

The virtual casino was broken up into sections for different mobile users, be it iPhone, Android, or Blackberry. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of games available and as a table card player, I immediately sauntered over to the Blackjack booth. As expected, my first draw was indeed a blackjack, paying out 3:2 odds on my unredeemable fairy dollars. The Spin Palace Mobile Casino had a number of games available besides Blackjack, and I decided to check out the roulette table. In my experience, I’ve found that the roulette game is the perfect test of a mobile casinos graphics capabilities. Sometimes as the virtual resin ball is completing it’s spin of destiny, video can become choppy and interrupted. The Spin Palace Mobile roulette ball spun consistently and I could clearly see it land on ‘Red 7’ and I cheered as I bet on ‘Black 24.’

Other games available at the Spin Palace Mobile include the classics such as Baccarat, 3-Card Poker, blackjack games and Keno. For those iPhone users who want to really strike it rich, the slots seem to be the games to play. There is a 3-Reel Mega Millions slot with a $1,000,000 jackpot and progressive slots with payouts in the thousands. Playing each different game does require downloading to your phone which takes up space but becomes worth it if you hit it big.

From what I can gather, Spin Palace Mobile casino is one of the safest, most advanced, and fastest growing casinos for the iPhone and Android. The app has been around since 2009 and the security encryption is detailed and secure. Although I never had the chance to pay out, there is also a number of withdrawal options listed, depending on where you live. As I closed down the app and changed back into my Garfield shirt, I had flashbacks of a few spoiled Blackjack hands playing in my head…which is a true sign of a great app in my book.

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