✔️ USA Players Welcome
✔️ USA Players Welcome

Role playing card games like Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering have been around for years now. These games are very popular, especially among those who collect the cards. These games have now even inspired apps for the Android and iOS. Battlejack, a role playing card game from Nexon and Grand Cru studio, takes the principles of blackjack and applies them to a game everyone can enjoy. The game is slated to be released later this summer.

What is Battlejack?

Battlejack is a role playing card game. In these types of games, players collect cards which depict certain characters. When playing the game on a phone or tablet, the cards are “virtually” stored in a player’s app. There are no physical cards to collect in Battlejack.

Players build up teams of combatants by collecting cards. They then use virtual battles to face off against one another and see who has the best team. Each character has its own skills and can advance in skill level as games are played. More victories means that the character becomes stronger and can defeat more adversaries.

One of the most popular RPG card games of recent memory was Pokemon Go. The game created a worldwide craze by integrating GPS functionality into its platform. Players had to search actual physical locations in order to “locate” a Pokemon and add it to their collection of cards.

It is unlikely that Battlejack will achieve that kind of popularity. What it may do is introduce new players to the world of RPG games. Some online blackjack players might want to give the game a try because it reminds them of their favorite casino game.

Playing Battlejack Blackjack Game

Players should know that Battlejack is not Blackjack. It is not a gambling game in which you can win money. For that you will still need to create an account with an online casino. Counting Edge recommends several like CasinoMax that will provide a good gaming experience.

This game is different. It uses the mechanics of blackjack to simulate battles between characters controlled by each player. For example, being dealt a blackjack or an A-10, will provide bonus attacks. The damage taken by each character in a battle is determined by a hand of blackjack. There are over 100 levels and players can play against the computer or against other players.

When the game is released, it will be need to be downloaded from the Play Store or App Store. It will most likely be free to download and play but also include in-app purchases. These purchases are for upgrades to weaponry and character abilities. Once the game is downloaded it does not require a data connection to play. A connection is required to participate in player vs. player battles as well as to install upgrades to the game platform.

It is expected that the game will start appearing for download in late August. Nexon is based in South Korea and has previously developed games for the PC market. With mobile games growing in popularity, the company enlisted the aid of a company in Finland to help them develop Battlejack. Grand Cru is an indie studio with an impressive list of games to its credit.

You don’t have to wait on Battlejack to be released in order to play blackjack online. You can be doing that in just a few minutes with a few simple clicks. All you need to do is create an account with an online casino, make a deposit, and begin playing online blackjack for real money. Many casinos are open to U.S. players and offer a generous sign up bonus.

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