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✔️ USA Players Welcome

Bonus Blackjack just might be one of the best blackjack variations available to the blackjack player because the game is exactly the same as regular blackjack and depends upon the same basic blackjack strategy that is profitable in the standard game.

Card counters can also profit from Bonus Blackjack because all card counting methods will work with the game. In addition, the game is played with only two decks of cards. This is a huge benefit to card counters.

Players of Bonus Blackjack are enticed to make bigger bets due to the bonus structure inherent in the game. A natural blackjack can net the player a hefty return on their investment.

The Basics of Bonus Blackjack

As we stated, Bonus Blackjack follows the same basic rules as regular blackjack. What makes the game different is that a separate bet qualifies the player for a bonus payout if they receive a blackjack.

Before the cards are dealt players are given the option of making a bonus wager in addition to the minimum table bet. This bonus wager is usually placed in a round circle next to the minimum bet for the hand. The bonus bet only applies to the original two cards received by the player. Participating in the bonus bet does not require any action from the player other than placing the bonus wager. No actions taken on the hand will affect the bonus bet.

When a player makes the Bonus Blackjack bet and is dealt their two cards, a natural blackjack on those two cards is rewarded by a higher payout. The bonus payouts can vary from casino to casino, but here are a few examples:

Ace of Spades/Jack of Spades is paid at odds of 50-1

Any other suited blackjack is paid at odds of 25-1

Please note that in some casinos there are also payouts offered for a total of 21 AFTER the player has acted on their hand. This is a very rare scenario, however. In these cases a total of 21 with all cards in the same suit would net a payout of 5-2, etc.

How Bonus Blackjack is Dealt

First all players at the table make an initial wager. This initial bet must be equal to or greater than the table minimum. Next the players may choose to make the Bonus Blackjack bet by placing an amount equal to the table minimum or greater in the Bonus Blackjack circle. Most casinos cap the Bonus Blackjack bet at an amount far below the maximum bet allowed at the table for obvious reasons.

Once all the bets have been placed the dealer deals each player two cards face-up. The dealer is the last to receive cards and the last to act on their hand. As in regular blackjack, one of the dealer’s cards is hidden.

The dealer then gives every person an opportunity to act on their hand beginning with the player on the dealer’s immediate left. If a player has made a Bonus Blackjack bet and received a blackjack the dealer will pay the Bonus Blackjack bet first according to the payouts listed on the table. Once this payout has been made the player can act on their hand just as they would in standard blackjack. If the player did not receive blackjack on a hand the Bonus Blackjack bet is lost and immediately collected by the dealer.

Player Actions in Bonus Blackjack

A player has exactly the same options that they have in regular blackjack, which are:

  • A player may hit their hand.
  • A player may stand on their hand.
  • A player may double down their hand.
  • A player may split a hand containing a pair.
  • A player may surrender their hand.
  • A player may take insurance if the dealer shows an ace .

Dealer Options in Bonus Blackjack

After all players have acted on their hands in Bonus Blackjack the dealer now acts on his hand according to the standard rules of blackjack:

  • The dealer must hit on any total of 16 or less.
  • The dealer must stand on any total of 17 or greater .

In Bonus Blackjack a blackjack by the dealer is an automatic winner and all players at the table who do not have blackjack lose their bets.

Profiting from Bonus Blackjack

If a player is proficient at card counting and knows how to apply basic blackjack strategy, the potential for profit in Bonus Blackjack is very good. What the player must do is only place the Bonus Blackjack bet when the deck is favorable and also rich in aces. Because the game is only played with two decks of cards it is very possible to obtain an accurate running count and an accurate side count of the aces. This will be well worth the effort for the serious blackjack player.

Bonus Blackjack at Online Casinos

This game is very common at the online casinos and you can play for BJ for real money or just for fun. I list very few casinos on this site and thus make the choice simple. I find listing many good casinos just makes it harder to pick one to explore.

Many also offer iphone, ipad & android support so you can play on your phone or tablet instead of a laptop or desktop!

My advise is to always play for free first and if satisfied with the games and the site support, blackjack bonuses etc than by all means make a deposit but do no rush to do that ! You may also want to read this article about money management & this one about blackjack bonuses offered at casinos.


  1. What is Bonus Blackjack?
    • Bonus Blackjack is a variant of the traditional blackjack game but with a twist. It follows the same basic rules as regular blackjack, but it includes a separate bet that qualifies the player for a bonus payout if they receive a blackjack​.
  2. What differentiates Bonus Blackjack from traditional blackjack?
    • The distinct feature of Bonus Blackjack is the additional side bet that players can place to qualify for a bonus payout. This side bet is separate from the regular blackjack bet, and it hinges on the player receiving a blackjack.
  3. What are the types of bonus bets in Bonus Blackjack?
    • There are several types of bonus bets in Bonus Blackjack, and they usually stand alone from the regular blackjack bet. Some of these bonus bets have brand names like Royal Match, Progressive, and others. The dealer assists with the minimums and maximums on the bonus bets, and most can be made for $1.
  4. How does the bonus wager work in Bonus Spin Blackjack?
    • In Bonus Spin Blackjack, a variant of Bonus Blackjack, the bonus wager relies entirely on the player getting an ace or a natural blackjack. If the player gets any other hand, they automatically lose the bonus wager. The bonus wager guarantees at least $15 if successful​.
  5. Where can one find detailed strategies and odds for Bonus Blackjack?
    • The Wizard of Odds website provides detailed information on Bonus Blackjack including odds, strategies, and analysis of blackjack side bets, among other useful resources​ 1​.

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